How To Delete Comments On Byte App? [Easy Guide]

Delete Comments On Byte App Image

Hello people!!! Today, we are gonna use this article as an opportunity to help you out with a frequently asked question about the growing six-second looping video platform known by the name of “Byte” which is: “how to delete comments on Byte App“.

It’s not a tough thing to learn and understand. So, without wasting any more time, let us begin.

So, which comments can you exactly remove?

Users can remove their own comments on others’ posts and they can also remove people’s comments on their own posts.

So, how exactly can we do this? Let’s get right into the matter at hand.

Steps to delete comments on Byte App

To delete comments on Byte App easily, you have to follow the following given steps:

  • First of all, open the post wherein you want to get rid of comments. It may be yours or other users’.
  • Now, find the comment you want to get rid of permanently.
Byte Delete Comments
  • Press and hold the said comment until another option pops up. This other option will ask you whether you want to reply to the comment or want to delete it.
Delete Comment Byte
  • Select the Delete comment option when asked.
  • Now, the app may also ask for confirmation as well. Confirm for the same.

And, well, that’s it.. to be honest.

If you followed the steps carefully and without distortion, then by now, you have learned successfully to delete comments on this app. Congratulations!!


We discussed in detail about the steps involved in the process to delete comments on Byte App, if you want to.

It’s routine stuff for a pro or daily user but if you’re new or amateur to the app, then yes, it may very well become an issue. And that’s alright.

But fortunately, now you how to make use of the delete feature in the correct manner.

We at Fixing Port will continue to write more articles about Byte and all things tech. So, stay tuned for more and we’ll see you next time!