Ethernet Vs Wifi For Gaming, Streaming And Everything Else

Ethernet Vs Wifi For Gaming

Ethernet vs WiFi for gaming is one of the biggest confusions among gamers. And if you are interested in gaming and an insider of the industry, you’d know that using a wireless connection is a difficult thing. The Wi-Fi connection service has improved in the past few years, still many users don’t prefer to use it for gaming. The reason is, back in around 2012, a Wi-Fi connection used to get down several times while the game was on, which made the players lose the game.

The consoles like Nintendo Switch are made for the wireless experience. Without an adapter, you can’t connect the docked Switch with an Ethernet cable. This helped the Wi-Fi service to get more popular over time. In fact, the brands like Alienware and MSI have released laptops with better connectivity services.

But now the question is, is there really a large difference between Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection? Or are they relatively similar at today’s date?

Ethernet Vs Wifi For Gaming

Here, we will discuss Ethernet vs WiFi for gaming, streaming online, and other stuff. But if you are stuck while choosing between Ethernet and Wi-Fi, it’s a clear answer that using Ethernet is more preferable. Although the Wi-Fi service has improved, a wired connection as in Ethernet will provide you more reliable service with less lagging.

Many times people face no issues with Wi-Fi, so if you don’t have Ethernet as an option you can continue with Wi-Fi only. You can still get a strong and reliable connection via Wi-Fi, as it is still improving day by day.

Why choose Ethernet over Wi-Fi?

According to many gamers, Ethernet provides better connectivity between your console and the monitor. Whereas, the Wi-Fi connection depends on the atmosphere around it. The speed that it usually offers is also not so high. Though these days the potential speed has increased a lot. Still, it can be trouble if there is any interference between the router and the connected devices.

In fact, if you just move around into your house, you will notice that the Wi-Fi connection quality is changing as the distance between the router and the device increases. The reason is the interference between them with the radio waves. Also, using multiple devices via a single router can cause a fall in the speed. Whereas with an Ethernet connection, you get to connect with only one device, which lets you not compromise with the data.

Another thing is, Wi-Fi is an open network, which is likely to make your device more susceptible to hackers. Though you get various levels of security depending on the type of Wi-Fi network.

Lagging is another thing that matters to gamers or professional streamers. Interruptions in the network connection make the system lag and delay the actions of the users. For example, your mouse, keyboard, or controller might delay in action. And this is another legit reason to choose Ethernet over Wi-Fi.

The Ethernet cables are pretty cheap in price compared to the Wi-Fi connection. And who doesn’t want to get better service at a cheaper price?

Choosing Wi-Fi for gaming

Nowadays, a major part of people who are into gaming or other online platforms uses Wi-Fi for connectivity. And no one can deny that it is an amazing invention of technology. The best part of this is, it is really easy to connect and you can get the connection from anywhere, of course, there is a certain radius to receive the signals. Imagine connecting your device to a wireless network even when you’re not just beside the router. Now you know how easy it is for Wi-Fi to get preferred.

But, there is a problem that you will never get a better experience with a wireless network than with a wired connection like Ethernet.

Streaming Online

The Wi-Fi connection might not let you down every time but, if you are playing a game online or maybe you are on a live stream, there is a chance that some interference might occur. Wi-Fi services these days have improved a lot and work smoother than before. You need a Wi-Fi network that is providing perfectly smooth connectivity while you stream. So, you will face lesser problems while gaming.

Many users still prefer Ethernet connections over the wireless network. Connecting to an Ethernet cable might help you get better services and doesn’t cause issues while streaming.

Best Ethernet cables for gaming

We have shortlisted some of the best Ethernet cables that are preferred by many gamers. We have also attached the Amazon links of the products so that you get easy access to the product description.

1. MATEIN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

MATEIN Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

It is the top pick by us. This Cat 7 Ethernet cable is 50 ft long and supports Xbox PS4. The reviews say that this product is ‘overkill’ for gaming, which is not a lie.

In most cases, you will need a category-6 cable for a seamless connection while gaming. But there are few gamers who want to add an up-notch, and this category-7 cable is just for them. It can transmit the data 10x faster than Cat 6. Also if you are looking for flawless connectivity, this Ethernet cable is highly recommended to you.

As for the design, it is flat, which makes it easily fit under or over door frames and hide it under the carpet as well. This also helps the cable to stay secured and less exposed to damage. Using a wired system might feel problematic sometimes, so choosing something which can easily be concealed, does make sense.

This Ethernet cable is the cheapest Cat 7 cable, so it is definitely a good option that is too on a budget.

2. DanYee Nylon Braided Cat 7 Cable

DanYee Nylon Braided Cat 7 Cable

This is another Cat 7 Ethernet cable that can be a good option for you. This 10 ft high-speed network cable fits your budget too. And if you don’t want to attach the cable to the wall and just need a short connection, give this product a try.

This cable is a Nylon braided product and suits those who are looking for something easy to use. The Nylon braided products are definitely a good choice for securing the cable from fraying and potential damages. So, this product is likely to last longer than the non-nylon-braided ones.

3. Amazon Basics Cat 6 Cable

Amazon Basics Cat 6 Cable

If you are looking for the cheapest Ethernet cable available out there, then you can go for this product. The Amazon Basics Cat 6 cable might generally lack a little in its quality, but you get quite a good service at a low price.

Generally, you need Cat 6 cable for gaming and streaming purposes, and Cat 7 is definitely something unnecessary. So, you can opt for this Cat 6 cable without any second thought. It can transmit data at a speed of up to 1000 Mbps, which is clearly better and fast enough than most of the cables out there.

This cable is pretty short compared to the other ones, it’s only 5ft long; so you don’t get to use this for a long distance. Just like all Amazon Basics stuffs, you get a one-year warranty with this product too.

4. MediaBridge Ethernet Cable

MediaBridge Ethernet Cable

This 15 ft long Cat 6 cable is a superior choice for gamers. This cable is longer than usual and you can easily tuck it under your carpet across the room. Another good thing about this product is, it supports both Cat 5e and Cat 6 applications. Now, if you don’t know the difference between Cat 5e and Cat 6, well, Cat 6 is 10x the bandwidth of Cat 5e. Whereas Cat 7 is 10x the bandwidth of Cat 6.

This brand is well known for making good quality products that too at a budget-friendly price. So, if you are looking for a good option on a low budget, try this one.

Things to consider before buying an Ethernet Cable

If you are serious about gaming, you need to have a stable and smooth connection. And, if you choose Ethernet and thinking about buying an Ethernet cable, there are a few things that you need to consider.

  • Confirm if you need one: If you are too serious about gaming, you might need to have an Ethernet connection. And, opt for something that provides you uninterrupted and the best gaming experience.
  • Does Ethernet cable provide fast internet speed? – Actually, an Ethernet cable reduces the amount of interference between your gaming console and the internet.
  • Are all Ethernet cables the same? – No, Ethernet cables have differences as per their limitations. The design stays the same, but the categories and capabilities vary.
  • Do the Ethernet cables make the Wi-Fi slower? – Ethernet cables don’t always make your house Wi-Fi down as the router will have the same bandwidth. But if you play online games it can slow down the Wi-Fi a little.

Final Words

So, this is all for the topic “Ethernet Vs Wifi For Gaming”. It’s definitely better to use an Ethernet cable for gaming. But for everything else, Wi-Fi is totally fine to use at the house as the main connection. We also wrote an article on the positive impact of technology on society, give it a read if you are interested.

Is Ethernet better than WiFi for gaming?

Yes, Ethernet is better than WiFi for gaming.

Do gamers use Ethernet?

Gamers use both Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

Does Ethernet reduce ping?

Yes, Ethernet reduces ping and helps you to play games lag-free.

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