EvilQuest – A New Mac Ransomware Marked On Torrent Sites

EvilQuest - New Mac Ransomware

According to the latest reports, there is a New Mac Ransomware in the market which is doing rounds these days. Normally, Mac users are pretty confident and claim their systems to be virus-free, but that is a completely wrong ideology. As stated by recent reports, there is a New Ransomware software which is specifically targeting the macOS. In this article, we will cover all that you need to know.

New Mac Ransomware – What does it do?

The ransomware is a bit tricky to identify, for starters, it clones itself as Little Snitch – Firewall App for Mac and portrays itself to be as an installer on a torrent website. Users often get trapped into this glitch and land up with system ransomware. Talking about its capabilities, the ransomware isn’t very suave or well developed. 

To understand how the New Mac Ransomware works; Thomas Reed – Author at Malwarebytes Lab deliberately installed the ransomware on his system to monitor its functionality. On his journey of exploration, Reed found out that the installation process got hung up for a very long period, and eventually, he has to force quit the process.

Furthermore, to make the ransomware act against any file; he had to manoeuvre his clock settings to three days ahead of time. Apart from this, Reed also had to restart his system and connect and reconnect to his network settings, multiple times.

New Mac Ransomware as ransomware does not live up to expectations in terms of displaying the payment screen; which is displayed to the victim in exchange for their files. Many victims of New Mac Ransomware have claimed and stated that the ransomware comes up with a file that shows a step-wise procedure to make the payment. Apart from this, there is also an alert which is followed by text-to-speech which notifies the victim of being attacked by the ransomware.

On the contrary, Reed states that even after waiting for a very long time, there was no response from the ransomware and he could not replicate any of these symptoms.

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