How To Delete Watch Faces On Galaxy Watch? [Guide]

Delete Watch Faces On Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest obsession with the youth. Equipped with the latest technological design, it is a high-end device, shaped like a wrist-watch, and is equipped with a circular stainless steel case and a stylish bezel. It is very functional and a classy buy, as the bezel rotates through various on-screen menus, making it easy to use. The Galaxy Watch is one of the most sought after gadgets today with a range of equipped features and sleek design. The fanbase for the watch is increasing by the day.

But do you constantly see a watch face on the welcome screen of your Galaxy Gear S2 and it is a mere obstruction? We are here to solve it for you. For your information, you can delete one or more watch faces on your device, though you cannot delete the currently selected face (as you need one for the Gear S2 to work). But you can delete the other faces by going through the listed steps.

Steps to Delete Watch Faces On Galaxy Watch

  • First, go to the Settings in your device and click on Display-Watch Faces so as to open the WatchFaces screen.
  • Rotate the bezel or swipe on the screen, back and forth, unless you have found the face you want to get rid of.
  • Tap the Delete button on the upper right corner of the watch face image. After tapping on the delete icon, the face will disappear automatically.

Also, if you want to bring back the deleted face watches on Galaxy Watch, you can do so on the Gear S2 or in the Gear Manager application of your smartphone.

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How do I get Watch Faces on my Galaxy watch?

You can download Watch Faces directly from the watch. Simply, tap and hold the Watch Face, then Swipe left, after that tap on Galaxy Store, and then tap on Watch Faces and Download it.

How do I delete pictures from my Galaxy Watch?

To delete pictures from the Galaxy Watch, tap on the Home button to go to the Apps screen, then tap on Gallery, then tap and Hold the picture you want to delete, and then tap on Delete.

Does Galaxy Watch have a camera?

No, Galaxy Watch doesn’t have any camera.

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