Fractal Node 202 Water Cooling System [Prerequisites]

Fractal Node 202 Water Cooling System

If you are searching for Fractal Node 202 Water Cooling System, then you are at the right place. Fractal node 202 is a well designed compact tower for the Gaming PC build. The compact design not only makes the adjustment of the wires and hardware a little tricky but also results in heating problems, when we use high-end graphic cards for intense gaming.

Fractal Node 202 Water Cooling [The Proper Solution]

Fractal node 202 water cooling is a proper solution to this problem. I know there is not enough space in the chassis for implementing the water cooling system. But everything is possible with little smart work.

What is Fractal Node 202?

Fractal node 202 is a well designed compact tower for the gaming PC build. Its super-slim tower provides a complete house for the Mini ITX motherboard. The sleek and elegant design makes it looks like a gaming console that perfectly suits your living room.

Looking Inside

When we look inside the Fractal Node 202 we see an illuminated power button, two USB type 3 ports along with audio jacks on the front panel side. The back panel has two PCI slots, a power supply input and lots of space for the input/ output ports of the motherboard.

The sides of the tower carve with mesh design for efficient airflow inside the chassis but this is not enough for intense gaming applications.

What fits inside?

Fractal Node 202 only supports the Mini ITX motherboards and all the GPU up to 310mm in length and still, there is enough space to mount the two SSD but we have to remove the SSD from its original location and mount it in between the wires coming from PSU to install Fractal Node 202 water cooling system.

Fractal Node 202 Chamber

Node 202 has two separate chambers on the bottom side of the tower for power supply and motherboard. A single chamber at the top for the GPU.

Components Required for Fractal Node 202 Water Cooling System

Fractal node 202 water cooling is not possible before. But with recently released new products, it becomes possible to implement a cooling system inside a Node 202 tower.

Fractal Node 202 Water Cooling
  • Alphacool GPX – Based on a new sophisticated injection system. which enables a very large and rapid heat transfer from the copper to the coolant for the active cooling of GPU.
  • TX240 Radiator – This radiator will work the same as that of the 30mm or 40mm radiators when coupled with a powerful cooling fan. It’s a mid-range radiator and works completely fine according to the need for this application.
  • NF-A9 PWM – It is a powerful and slim design 92mm fan with 1200 rpm. It’s PWM will automatically regulate the speed of the fan. It will be placed on the top of the radiator fins to increase its cooling efficiency. Because of its compact design, it fits perfectly in the lower chamber of the tower.