5 Best Thermal Paste For Threadripper [2024 Expert Picks]

Best Thermal Paste For Threadripper

Your search regarding the best thermal paste for Threadripper ends up here. Threadripper processors, well known as Ryzen Threadripper are the new processors released by the AMD. This new Threadripper technology increases the multitasking performance of your computer. 

Ryzen Threadrippers processors are specially built for hardcore PC users of demanding applications like photoshop, video editing or rendering, complex scientific calculations, and competitive gaming.

Besides this, we are here to help you in choosing the Best thermal Paste for Threadripper. If you want to gain in-depth knowledge about thermal pastes, then you can have a look at best thermal paste for overclocking your CPU.

List of Best thermal Paste for Threadripper

There are many thermal pastes brands that are available in the market. But we are going to tell you which thermal paste will work Best for you. There are different types of Thermal paste based on their material types like Carbon, metal, silicone, and Ceramic.

Different Thermal Pastes For Threadripper

Ceramic, thermal pastes have zero electrical conductivity and non-capacitive properties which makes ceramic thermal paste safe for use.

1. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut (Recommended By Expert)

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut

It is a ceramic-based thermal compound and is best among all the other ceramic thermal pastes that are available in the market. It promises the thermal conductivity of 12.5W/mK which makes it a little expensive. They give 1 gram paste in a single tube and cost twice than that of carbon-based thermal compounds.


  • Specially designed for Overclocking applications and Threadrippers.
  • It offers an impressive ultra-high thermal conductivity of 12.5W/mK.
  • It can be used on aluminum coolers.
  • Long term and stays stable for up to 8 years.


  • Expensive than other thermal pastes but also gives better performance than others.

2. Arctic MX-4

Arctic MX-4 is known worldwide for its outstanding performance. This carbon-based thermal compound is especially recommended for the users who have some tight budget for thermal paste. But besides its price, this will deliver almost the same level of performance in cooling down the Threadrippers as the most expensive thermal paste do.

Micro-Carbon particles are known for their thermal conduction properties therefore using them in a thermal paste will create a perfect heat dissipation channel between the processor and the heatsink. And thus helps in dropping the Processor temperature up to certain degrees.

The Arctic MX-4 single use will sustain for up to the 8 years and it comes in different packaging that contains 2 to 45g paste.


  • Budget price and comes in different quantities.
  • No metal particles are present, it means paste is non-electrical conductive. So, there is no risk of short-circuit.
  • Latest syringe design.
  • Once applied the paste will sustain for the last 8 years.


  • You may spill it out on the board if proper attention is not given.

3. Noctua NT-NH1

Noctua is a well-known company and has received about 150+ awards and recommendations from many hardware websites and magazines. It always wins the trust of their consumers by offering them varieties of professional cooling devices like the best liquid and air-based CPU cooling systems.

Besides these CPU cooling devices, the Noctua also deals in the thermal adhesive market. Noctua NT-NH1 is a hybrid carbon-based thermal paste and because of its outstanding thermal conductivity, it becomes popular among most of the overclockers and enthusiast users worldwide.


  • High-Grade thermal Compound Suitable for overclocking.
  • 3.5g package for 3-20 applications.
  • Excellent quality and have a thermal conductivity of 8.59 W/mK.
  • Electrically neutral.
  • Recommended by international hardware websites.


  • You have to give proper attention while using this paste. The paste is not electrically conductive but still have some capacitive nature.

4. Noctua NT-NH2

Noctua NT-NH2 is a brand new thermal compound introduced by the Noctua company recently. This new thermal compound uses the fine-tuned mixture of metal oxide microparticles that offers a very low thermal resistance, which further increases the overall heat transfer performance between the heat sink and IHS of the thread rippers. With new Noctua NT-NH2, you will attain lower temperatures up to 2 degrees than that of the standard Noctua NT-NH1.


  • Specially made for performing overclocking of applications.
  • Not electrically conductive.
  • Cleaning this paste is super easy.
  • 10g pack is suitable for around 9-60 applications.
  • Recommended by international Hardware websites .


  • Noctua NT-NH2 is electrically neutral, but still may cause some capacitive interference if accidentally get spilled on other components of the motherboard.

5. CORSAIR TM30 & TM50

Corsair is another highly reputed company that deals with CPU cooling technology. It is well known for producing top-notch liquid-based CPU cooling devices. Corsair TM30 and TM50 are the two high-performance thermal pastes offered by the Corsair.

Two varieties of thermal pastes are manufactured by the corsair company. TM30 and TM50 promise the thermal conductivity of 3.8 W/mK and 5.0 W/mK respectively. The Low viscosity of this paste allows it to fill the micro-level gaps effectively. This Zinc oxide based Ultra-low thermal impedance paste lowers CPU temperatures very effectively by perfectly filling the gaps between the processors IHS and the heat sink.

TM30 is completely electrically neutral and does not contain any volatile material. which makes this thermal paste safe and easy to use for everyone.


  • Low price.
  • Electrically non-conductive.
  • Once applied lasts for up to 5 years and more.
  • Fills the micro-level gaps effectively.
  • Stencil and spreader is provided in the package to make installation super easy.


  • Due to the low viscosity of the paste, it may spill out from the IHS of the CPU. It is recommended to only use an amount same as the size of a pea.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and Noctua NT-NH1 can build a perfect thermal bridge between the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) and the water cooling system (NZXT Kraken M22). This combination cools down the CPU up to the temperature of 10- 12 degrees celsius. Thus making them the best thermal paste for Threaddripper in the market.

How to Apply Thermal paste on Ryzen Threadripper?

Because of the large number of cores the size of the Ryzen Threadripper becomes huge. Due to its huge size, it becomes a little confusing how to apply the thermal paste on the large IHS of these Threadripper’s to lower its temperature effectively.

But don’t get worried we are here to guide you from beginning to end, to tell you how to apply and what thermal paste you can buy to protect your CPU from being cooked.

How to Apply?

There is a big list of methods for applying thermal paste but we gonna show you the one which works effectively.

Methods To Apply Thermal Paste

Pea or Dot Method – This method will not work on these giant Threadrippers, because it only covers a small area on the center of the processor.

Line And X pattern Method – line method work well in comparison to the Dot method. Talking about the X method it works better than the line method. Always Keep in mind that do not but put too much paste it may spill out on the other electronics component which may create a problem if you use the metal-based thermal paste.

Five Dot Method – This one is recommended by the AMD experts. In this method, you have to put the best thermal conductivity paste at five positions as shown in the above picture using the dot method. These five positions are selected in such a way that thermal paste will cover the clusters of dies.


So, today we conclude, there is not that much difference between the various methods of applying the paste, they almost yield the same result.

Here are some points that you must keep in mind:

  • Thermal paste should completely cover the cold plate of the water cooler.
  • Do not put an excess of thermal paste.
  • Always try to use a ceramic-based thermal compound for better safety motherboard.
Can I use alcohol wipes to clean thermal paste?

Yes, you can use alcohol wipes to clean the thermal paste. You can also use cotton balls dipped slightly in rubbing alcohol.

Can I use a hand sanitizer to clean my CPU?

Yes, you can use hand sanitizer to clean but don’t use excess amount of it. After use, leave it for some time to dry.

Can you use too much thermal paste?

Yes, you can use too much thermal paste as it won’t affect its thermal efficiency. But, using a little of it can affect its performance.

What happens if you don’t use thermal paste?

If you are not using thermal paste in your CPU then it will overheat your system and, maybe it will cause damage to your system.  

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