Google Go Not Working On Android? [Know How to Fix]

Google Go Not Working On Android

The lighter version of Google search is launched, which is known as Google Go and has been made available to all the android users. It was first launched in 2017 and was primarily developed for the emerging markets where the users are for the first time accessing the internet and might sometimes face Google Go not working issue due to unreliable internet connection or low-end Android devices.

Apart from web search, Google Go also includes discovery features like, able to tap into trending topics, voice search, GIF and image search, and easy way to switch between languages.

Users might face issues of Google Go not working on their device due to various reasons, but the main reason might be that your device is not able to connect to Wi-fi or data connection is slow. So, let’s see how you can resolve this issue.

Fix Google Go Not Working

First of all, ensure that the latest version of Google Go is installed on your android device. If it is not, then go to the Play Store and update the App.

Fix connection issues with Google Go

Once the app is updated, turn on the lite mode of the Google Go app as it gets result search faster and consumes fewer data.

Steps to turn on the Lite mode

Launch Google Go > Tap on the Settings (top right corner, gear icon) >> Under Data, there will be an option to turn on Use lite mode.

Google Go Lite Mode
  • Since you are facing trouble connecting to the internet, turn the notification ON in the app so that when the internet is connected, you will get the search results.

Steps to turn on the Notifications

Launch Google Go >> Tap on Setting >> Under Notifications, turn on the option of Search results are ready, and the Web page has loaded.

Google Go Notifications

Voice search isn’t working

Try activating voice search

Launch Google Go >> at the bottom, tap the Microphone icon >> Raise the device towards your mouth and slowly speak on it and use short phrases.

Google Go Microphone Icon

Check your language settings

Launch Google Go >> Tap on Settings >> Choose the language you want to use.

Google Go - Change Language

By following the above steps, Google Go not working issue should get resolved.

What is Google go?

It is the lighter and faster way to search. It saves space on your smartphone.

Is Google go better than Google?

Yes, it is better and faster than Google. It is designed for users having a slow network.

What are the Google Go apps?

Google has built for emerging markets, along with Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Files Go, Gallery Go, and Google Assistant.