Hike Introduces HikeLand [Everything You Need To Know]

Hike Introduces HikeLand

HikeLand – A virtual space to meet friends

What is Hike?

Social connection leads the path to growth in the tech world. As we look at the social products that came in contact with the 2G era are improving day by day according to the necessities of the user. The word which we will be talking about is very familiar, but we will be discussing it freshly.

Let us first talk about what Hike is all about.

Hike was launched on 12th December 2012 by Kavin Bharti Mittal, a messaging platform that uses internet connection for communication and entertainment which allow us to send unlimited messages from Hike to Hike and its features are really up to date.

Even in 2014, where different apps were not into consideration. Hike was introduced with different levels of features. Hike sticker chat covers almost all the Indian major language’s vocabulary, so that no user has to face any problem while using this app.

What is Hike Web?

Hike Web

In a busy world, where all are heading towards success and don’t get time to look at their phones. So, in August 2019, the web app was released by the official Hike team, where a person can connect with their friends via pc while working. This app started rolling on different platforms so that the user can enjoy this app to its full extent.

In August 2019, Kavin Bharti Mittal said, “Hike sticker chat has crossed 1 million weekly active users. We are now unbundling our app. Instead of focusing on just app, we are also going to multiple. This week, we have started rolling out Hike on the web. It can be used even if the user’s phone is switched off”.

Every day when new technology arrives, people tend to change their gadgets and in this process some people want backup and some don’t.

With this upcoming generation, Mittal stated, “People change their phone more often, there is massive tediousness around backup. We needed to resolve it once and for all because the data is so cheap. Everybody wants backup. Those who don’t want to have back-up can choose not to have a backup”.

This app is also trying to reach other messaging platforms through the adoption of the Hike sticker chat app.

What is HikeLand?

If you are using hike then I am sure that you have heard about HikeLand which means “A magical place to hangout online”. The team has recently launched this new feature on the app.

A virtual world where you can interact with your loved ones and can even try to connect with new people and can have fun from wherever you want to.

The CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal also threw the words that, “HikeLand will be a magical place online where you can hangout with close friends and significant others. HikeMoji is going to be at the center of it”.

He also said that the users aren’t required to pay for this virtual gathering. It will be available inside the Hike Sticker chat in the world created by Mittal and his team.

What exactly HikeMoji is?


In short terms, it is your passport for the HikeLand. Now the question arises how can we come up with this passport. As the features of the hike are introducing day by day keeping relevant considerations, this app is really easy to handle.

Now you don’t have to struggle much, you just need to click a selfie or create it manually from the app and jump into your hanging zone, “the magical place” in their language.

If we look into the Hike community, then it isn’t that enormous. As far as we are concerned, none of any other social media platform provides us with such a feature and lacks the boon of getting interacted with the new world. Hike will be coming up with this new feature any sooner and any user or a non-user can get involved with the upcoming hype.

How to use HikeLand?

An official notice has not been updated yet, but we recently came across a short video from where we can visualize how are we going to use this new feature.

For your understanding we are going to learn step by step:

  • At first, we will be introduced to this new feature “HikeLand”.
  • Secondly, a page will arrive to get your passport done for the HikeLand, which we already discussed.
  • There will be an option “Create your HikeMoji”, Tap on it.
  • Then you will be directed to a new page, where you will be asked about your gender. And just below that, you will be accompanied by two more options. Options will be “Start with a selfie” or “create manually”. Now it all depends on you if you want to reveal your identity or not.
  • “Start with a selfie” will allow you to take a selfie of yours or you can choose any picture from your gallery.
  • “Create manually” will help you to make your own HikeMoji with instructions and with lots of ideologies.
  • After that, you will be thrown into space where you will find two screens which are known as “Big screen” and “Your home”.
  • You can click on “Your home” and can set its theme according to your desire. Then, you will be inviting your friend with whom you want to hangout.
  • Or you will choose the “Big screen” and will make new friends. Then, you can enter the zone of watching, where you can add them as your permanent hike member.
  • You can chitchat while watching the video along with your pals.
  • And you can set your new shows whoever and whenever you want to.

Hope, this will help while using this new feature.

HikeLand Features

As we went into the details of this app. We came to know that we can communicate and watch movies with unknown users and also known users.

But the videos can only be viewed from YouTube and the rest of the apps will be soon into consideration.

Kavin Bharti Mittal also stated that, “This is the early preview with two unique shared experiences. The goal here is to listen to our users and understand what works and what more do they need. We will be building many more experiences on top of the version you see today”.

Firstly, they are going to introduce it to the public to get their attention and will apparently start the premium tier as soon as the demand for this feature increases. But, the subscription plans are not into headlines yet. Mittal also said that, “You will see us making inroads into that in a couple of months, just as a way to see what is possible on the platform. We are experimenting with ways to make revenue”.