Indian Government Could Ban PUBG Over National Security Concerns

Indian Government Could Ban PUBG

Lately, the Indian Government has been banning a lot of Apps based on security issues. Right from TikTok to 59 other Chinese Apps, all of these applications seem to have lost their validity in the Indian borders. Speculations have it, another App heading towards the same fate is PUBG. There are quite a lot of chances that the Indian Government could ban PUBG. PUBG has been the center of attention for all gamers out there and this has been the case, for a very long time now.

Indian Government Could Ban PUBG

Recently, the Delhi Government has stated, that the post-ban of 59 Chinese Apps, there is a list of 275 more applications, who are heading down the same lane. Speculations are surrounding the safety factor of these applications and the Indian Government is examining these applications for the same. Glorifying one of the most prominent names, PUBG is one of the listed applications facing scrutiny right now. Other than PUBG, a few more names that might ring your mind are – Zilli by Xiaomi, Resso, and AliExpress.

A clear and focused investigation is taking place and a team of specialized individuals has been appointed to execute this task. Many reporters have tried to get in insider news on this matter; but nobody could get anything solid out of it. While questioning the Home Ministry, no answers were received. Anyhow, the only piece of information that we have received is from the Ministry of Information and Technology stating; that before imposing any sort of ban; due process and official procedures will be followed and action will be taken accordingly.

They have also stated that there is a proper committee that has been appointed to execute this task. This committee will look into the matter and come up with the final discrete information. Any such news will be revealed to the public with further notice.

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