Vivo Patents Smartphone With Rotatable Physical Keyboard

Vivo Patents Rotatable Physical Keyboard

Hello to all our dear readers! Today, we will be exploring a bit about the latest news in the tech industry which is a bit exciting and unheard of…that is until now. It has come out that Vivo has gone ahead and patented their latest idea of tech innovation and that is to have a rotatable physical keyboard at the bottom of the phone.

How did this happen?

The Chinese company VIVO has dreamt of a rotating bottom at the bottom of their devices or one can say a rotatable physical keyboard. They went ahead and filed for a patent at China’s Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) on March 10 and it took until July 17 to get approval for the same.

Rotatable Physical Keyboard

It’s certainly a very interesting idea which would receive a lot of attention if it comes to be, even if some people consider it only as a gimmick.

According to the images released, around 15% of the phone device (all of it in the bottom) will be rotatable.

This will also have 2 sides. One of them will have a display screen, while the other will have a physical keyboard.

What does this mean?

While it is an exciting thought wanting to get your hands on such a device, it cannot be emphasized enough that right now, this is just an idea. Patenting it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is an idea which they are working on as we speak to make it a reality. However, it remains a distinct possibility if the company thinks it has the potential to be the next big thing!


In conclusion, we’d like to reiterate that while this is exciting news, patenting the Rotatable Physical Keyboard idea is just a first step.

It’s certainly an interesting idea and we’d love to see how it changes the experience of using a smartphone and what else can it offer which is new and refreshing!

We hope you liked our take on the news.

Before you go, let us know your thoughts on the rotatable physical keyboard. Do you think it’s a good idea? We’ll see you soon.

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