iPhone 12 Launch Event Set For 13th October 2020

iPhone 12 Launch Event

Apple finally confirmed that it will hold an iPhone 12 Launch Event called  “Hi, Speed” on 13 October. The company is certain to reveal the iPhone 12 with 5G.

However, speculation suggests the public could see a host of additional announcements. The iPhone 12 is expected to be the iPhone with the first 5G.

iPhone 12 Launch Event Details

Apple likes to mark its shows with veiled hints of what to expect. Sometimes the signs are obvious but sometimes they are less obvious.

The nickname “Hi, Speed” almost certainly refers to the next generation of 5G connectivity. This will be a first for an iPhone or any Apple product with 5G.

Apple has revealed the A14 Bionic processor which will power the device. It’s unclear whether the four models will pack a 5G or LTE variant. Apple also wants liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and a flexible printed circuit (FPC) technology to be embedded in the iPhone 12 so that it can support the 5G connectivity system. 

In addition, there are some additional specifications that might be used for the iPhone 12 series, such as a 7-element lens system, 4K 240fps video, and a Lightning USB-C cable.

Next, regarding the colours of the new iPhone 12

One of the clues given in the iPhone 12 launch event invitation concerns the iPhone 12 colour. Rumors of the midnight blue iPhone 12 may be further amplified by the invitation design. The circle image featured in the iPhone 12 launch event invitation could also potentially be interpreted as an audio wave. 

This could mean the rumoured smaller and more affordable Apple HomePod Mini speaker might be rolling out. The company is also expected to release AirPods Studio over-ear headphones.

Final Words

We can only hope that iPhone 12 launch event date doesn’t get postponed anymore and the new iPhone 12 lives up to the expectations of IOS fans.