10 Best Discord Alternatives That You Should Consider

Best Discord Alternatives

Hello to all our dear readers!! If you are in the market for the best Discord alternatives, then you have certainly landed at the right place.

As today, we will be discussing this topic in detail and also suggest well-researched alternatives for the popular gaming social media app. So, hang tight and read till the end to get a brief intro about all our suggestions. Excited?

What is Discord?

Before we begin, first things first.

Discord is a very popular app, which is predominantly used by gamers for co-ordinating their team gameplay as well as for conversation purposes. “Social Media for Gamers” won’t be a bad analogy and the app is the first preference for many people to talk over the internet.

Why even look for alternatives then?

While Discord can get addictive and is really popular, there are some notable things which may be a turn off for many people.

Most important among them is there being no end-to-end encryption for the same offered by Discord developers to its users and many people just do not appreciate it being no there. Some may even find the experience Discord offers to be a bit bland and accordingly, it is quite natural that these people would be searching for alternatives.

List of Best Discord Alternatives

So, to cater to such people, we will be now going through major best Discord alternatives. Read on to find out about them a bit more in detail. Here we go:-

1. OverTone

OverTone’s target audience is directly that of the gamers. This app will remind you of the Discord design at a single glance, and it has everything which a chatting app needs to offer, i.e. voice and text options along with group creation.

OverTime also works pretty well on a web browser itself and comes at the hefty price tag of zero dollars! What more does one need to enhance their gaming experience?

2. Telegram

Telegram has emerged as a major app in recent times, with many preferring it over even the messaging giant WhatsApp.

What I love about Telegram personally is you see messages from the inception of it, after you join. Which makes the experience more wholesome and inclusive.

Telegram is also so flexible honestly that it’s not a surprise that gamers are using the app for gaming purposes and thereby, becoming one of the best Discord alternatives out there!

More recently, video calling has been added and unlike other apps, bots actually help here and make handling things easier.

3. Skype

Who hasn’t heard of Skype honestly? Arguably the father of online connectivity, Skype is still a force to be reckoned with even today.

Simplicity and familiarity are the key pillars on which Skype stands and is thereby, still the first preference for many gamers.

It works on almost all devices or operating systems. Making it accessible to all kinds of users. Moreover, it’s free. We say, give it a shot once!

4. Tox

If there is anything that makes the comforts of the internet seem small or bad today, it is the privacy and data risk that it brings alongside with it.

Tox is one solution for the same. This app is recommended primarily for those for whom privacy and data protection is the utmost main agenda. All basic chat options will be there as well and its simple UI will help you get settled pretty quickly. You can also share your screen with your teammates and can relax.

All of this makes Tox as one of the best Discord alternatives out there and one we surely recommend to try out once and see for yourself.

5. Slack

If we have to describe Slack, then, we would go by saying that it is a more professional version of Discord, for all intents and purposes. Its general use is for managing the working hours at the office, rather than for leisure activities like gaming, but it can b used by gamers too!

While Slack has a paid plan too, you can definitely check out its free version first to see if it is a match for your needs and make more long-term decisions accordingly.

6. Mumble

The name of the app perfectly reflects on its functionality!! Mumble is predominantly used as audio texting or voice texting app. You can use this app for conversing with your friends or teammates without lag.

Your conversations will be safe as they are encrypted end-to-end – remember the main limitation of Discord – and the app is also widely available on almost all the popular operating systems like Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.

7. Element

Element is the number 7 recommendation (list isn’t ranked according to order) which we make as far as best Discord alternatives are concerned.

It offers both voice texts or messaging as well as audio calling. Not only that, but it also offers end-to-end encryption for the members involved. Video calling can also be done and file-sharing options can also come handy as, after all, the interaction of varied kinds is the main USP of apps like these.

The app has a free version, while it’s Pro version can be used after paying 2 dollars a month.

8. Microsoft Team

A gem from the team of Microsoft, Microsoft Team (pun intended!!) is another great alternative for Discord for both gamers and non-gamers alike. It, again, offers all the basic chat options along with video; meanwhile, the USP definitely has to be the file-sharing mechanism, which has a huge limit of around 100.00 GB. Like that’ll end anytime soon!

The app is also available across a wide range of OS and is sure to be handy, especially if you are looking for 3rd-party integration of the app. This is a very in-demand feature of the app too!

9. Team Speak

Ah, the predecessor of Discord for gamers!! Team Speak and in-game chatting went hand-in-hand before Discord gained prominence or went mainstream. It also supports voice messages and it has made many changes to its interface to keep itself relevant and updated to modern times and needs. And thus, Team Speak can also be treated amongst the best Discord alternatives out there and we surely recommend you to try it once for yourself.

10. Steam Chat

Last but certainly not least is the Steam Chat itself. Many PC gamers make use of the Steam client by Valve to buy the games they want and then play them on their device after installation is completed.

While Discord and other alternatives may sound attractive to you, but, the Steam Chat itself can a very valid means of communication for gamers alongside your friends and family.

Steam charges no money for it and it also offers browser support!! So, be sure to give it a try if this is something that interests you and seems to fulfill your needs.


In the end, we would like to conclude the list of best Discord alternatives by saying that while Discord will remain the number 1 gaming community app for hundreds and thousands of gamers, it may not be for everyone and many people may logically look for alternatives.

We have provided a list of best Discord alternatives for these people and we would recommend trying out a few apps from the list to see if they are for you before making a permanent move. You can also use a combination of two or more apps, depending upon your usage, internet speeds, preferences, and interactive levels.

We hope we were able to help you match with the perfect app that you were looking for. Which was it for you? Let us know in the comments!

Also, In case of any doubts or suggestions, message us below once again and we will take it from there for your convenience.

Stay tuned for more such content from us on more topics like this. Until our next article, however, this is goodbye!

What can I use instead of Discord?

You can use TeamSpeak instead of Discord.

Is TeamSpeak better than Discord?

No, Discord is better than TeamSpeak as Discord allows the user to host free servers where it can’t be done on TeamSpeak.

Who is the CEO of Discord?

Jason Citron is the CEO of Discord.

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