iPhone 12 Screen Repair Cost Exceeds iPhone 11

iPhone 12 Screen Repair Cost

When it comes to the products of Apple, the only thing that comes first in mind is “high price” or “money”. With the new iPhone 12 here, the iPhone 12 screen repair cost has also risen above its previous iPhone 11.

In this article, we will cover all that you need to know. From the reason of this hike to its costing, be sure to know everything by the end of this article. Keep reading to know more.

iPhone 12 Screen Repair Cost

This year Apple has launched iPhone 12 and its siblings, with this new iPhone along with some additional changes. This year Apple has moved its entire lineup to OLED panels which were previously taken by LCDs in iPhones, just like its former models, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

And with these new changes there comes a price change too for iPhone like 11 and iPhone 11 pro price ranges between 199 Dollars to 279 Dollars.

And for the iPhone 12 screen repair cost is 279 dollars this time, which roughly adds up to Rs. 21,000.

As of now, the screen repair prices haven’t for real come out for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Max. However, the prices of the same will be revealed shortly.

How Much to Worry?

Well, the point to be noted here is that these prices are for those iPhones who are out-of-warranty devices. If you manage to get Applecare+ along with your new iPhone, then the cost price will get short to only for the service of your screen getting replaced.

Hence, this will not only offer you two years of warranty time but also will cover your accidental damage and other small handy repairs.


Well, the prices are never so surprising if you are already a customer of Apple. However, somehow it always manages to give us a surprise with a pinch of salt in its product launches.

Though the price of the iPhone 12 screen repair cost has been going up lately but understanding that it’s an Apple product that doesn’t bother that much and you already know the rule, “If you are going to Apple, the money shouldn’t be the reason for your worry.”

That’s a wrap for today. Stay tuned to Fixing Port for more such tech news and updates.