How To Limit Comments On TikTok? [Simple Guide]

How To Limit Comments On TikTok

A China-based video-sharing app, Tiktok, has recently caught quite a rage amongst the youth all over the world. Founded in 2012, one can create ample kinds of music videos, lip-sync, dance, or dialogue videos and become a sensation on social media.

The app has caught the attention not only of children and the youth, but older people are also getting obsessed with the app because of the variety it offers. It has become quite a trend to be on the app.

But how safe is it? Parents are claiming the app being vulgar and an invasion to privacy. What can be done for the same?

Why limit comments on Tiktok?

With increased exposure comes increased risk. The app has increased instances of abuses, obscene videos, predatory behavior, hateful comments amongst others, making it a risky business. Parents are worried about their teenage children falling prey to such antics by strangers, rendering the app unsafe.

The app, in defence has some safety measures which should be followed in order to avoid the risks. We recommend you to limit the comments on TikTok will mitigate the problem to some extent.

Steps to limit comments on TikTok

You can limit the comments on TikTok videos with an inbuilt set of steps that will help you solve the problem. These steps are available both on Android and iOs devices. Follow the following steps:

  • Open the TikTok App.
  • Tap the Settings tab.
  • Go to Privacy and safety.
  • Now, tap on Who can comment on your videos.

In this way, you will be able to manage who can comment on your videos and who cannot and thereby help in your privacy.

We hope that the above steps come in handy for you because our ultimate aim is to guide you to be safe and enjoy the app to the utmost. Let us know about your experience in the comments below.