TikTok Videos Are Not Getting Views [Understand Why]

TikTok Videos Are Not Getting Views

TikTok videos are not getting views despite users are trying their level best in each video.

Users are buying a new camera stand, go to various locations, do research for a good topic and do lots of effort to make a video.

Now, as you have put much effort into it, with higher expectations you go and check what is a response to your posted video. Guess what? The videos with no content and efforts are getting numerous views than yours. Doesn’t it sound harsh? But now it’s time to change this scenario.

There are very small corrections you need to make in your process and you can get viral and trending in no time, keep on reading to know what should be done.

Reasons Why TikTok Videos Are Not Getting Views

Here are some reasons why TikTok videos are not getting views.

Know the appropriate time to post your video

One of the vital things that we miss and so TikTok videos are not getting views is the time of posting it. Appropriate time of posting a video should be such where people are actively using TikTok.

According to research, most people are active on the phone during the night hours. Mostly time around 11 pm is considered to give higher views to your video. This is the time zone where people are relaxed and use their cell phones. If you want to get your video viral then the best time to post is around 11 pm.

Understand the views and likes ratio of TikTok and never view your own video several times

TikTok works on likes and views ratio, which simply means TikTok has certain criteria to promote a video. If the percentage of likes is more than 40% to its views then the video will get promoted. This criterion will be again applied and the video will be promoted again by TikTok.

So, these are some techniques that you can keep in your mind while posting your TikTok videos to go viral.

How can I get many views on TikTok?

To get many views on TikTok you should use hashtags, share your videos on other platforms, post your videos regularly, upload high-quality content and, collaborate with other users.

Why my TikTok video is not clear?

It happens when the Data saver in your TikTok application is turned ON. Turn it OFF, the issue will be automatically fixed.

Who is the highest-paid TikTok user?

Addison Rae Easterling is the highest-paid TikTok user in the world.

What does K mean in TikTok?

If a video has 10k views, it means it has 10000 views on it.