Which Was The Most Activated Phone On Christmas Day?

Most Activated Phone On Christmas

We all know about the dominance of Apple’s phone in the market. With this ritual, Apple’s iPhones were the most activated phone on Christmas Day, and iPhone 11 has topped the list among all models.

According to the Flurry analytics report, phone usage on Christmas Day was reduced by 23% this year; Apple still dominated phone usage.

Most Activated Phone On Christmas Day

9 out of 10 most activated smartphones on Christmas day was Apple’s iPhones. From SE to the latest model iPhone 12 Pro Max, all were on the list. But surprisingly, last year launched iPhone 11 has topped the list.

New Device Activations On Christmas Day

Undoubtedly iPhone 11 is the most popular iPhone model since its launch in 2019. After releasing the iPhone 12 for $799, Apple sells the iPhone 11 for $599, an affordable price. It might make the price difference that made the iPhone 11 the most activated phone.

Moreover, iPhone XR secured the second position budget-wise on the list. As, in 2020, customers were extra sensitive towards the price range of the phones. The iPhone XR was launched two years before with iPhone XS and XS Max, and now it’s available at $499. Despite its age, the iPhone XR was termed as the most valuable smartphone in the market.

Even the iPhone 12 Pro Max makes it to the third position on the list. Even after having a high price and no supporting accessory in the box, it was also among the most used phone on Christmas Day.

Moreover, even after having a low price and small size iPhone 12 Mini was not even on the top 10 models. Surprisingly LG K30 was the only Android model that secured its position among the top 10 most activated phones. There is no explanation of how this two-year-old device assured positioning with a massive 181% YOY increase.

Well, 2020 was the year of shocking events. So yes, 2020 made everything possible.

Which is the best selling phone in 2020?

Apple’s iPhone 11 is the best selling phone in 2020.

Which is the world’s fastest Android phone?

ZTE Axon 10s Pro is the world’s fastest Android phone.

Which Android phone is most secure?

Google Pixel 4 is the most secured Android phone.