Why iPhone Has Less RAM Than Android? [Complete Information]

Why iPhone Has Less RAM

When we see the specifications of the latest iPhone versus the comparable Android counterpart, we see a massive difference in the RAM, Of which an Android phone packs nearly twice as much if not more! But why? iPhones are to be among the most advanced phones out there leading us to ponder the reason why iPhone has less RAM!

In short, the hardware and software specifications of the two phones lead to this polar difference in RAM.

Why iPhone has less RAM Than Android?

Let’s see the software and hardware configurations of both devices that affect the RAM.


This is probably quite intuitive in and of itself, as we hear time and time again, the iPhone is more efficient than Android. But what is the magic behind their software, and why does it work so well?

Android application development uses Java as the go-to coding language, which requires a higher RAM, for seamless functioning. Java code uses a process known as Garbage Collection, which refers to recycling the memory once a particular Android application uses it.

The issue that comes to play here is the case where there isn’t sufficient memory for the process known as garbage collection. Of course, this ends up causing the phone to hang, which is unacceptable. Therefore, Android phones end up having to provide more RAM, as compared to its counterpart.

But, this still doesn’t explain why iPhone has less RAM!

So what software do iOS phones run on? iPhones run on a language known as Swift. This programming language is an intuitive and even robust one developed by none other than Apple itself along with the support of some of their open-source contributors.

Swift has been renowned for its ease of use and efficiency and is supposedly 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python 2.7!

With this, one can understand that the iPhone doesn’t have as much RAM as it’s merely more efficient and does not require the same amount of RAM that is provided by Android.

The Hardware also Explains why iPhone has less RAM

Apple has one advantage that Android phones often do not have. Android developers and their codes must be tailored to allow it to be compatible with various kinds of hardware.

The code must be able to adapt to the individual hardware and its requirements which would likely be at the manufacturer’s discretion. Whereas, Apple developers know precisely the kind of hardware required in their products.

This means that they need not make the code robust and adaptable to other hardware types, but they can tailor-make the code to be the perfect fit the exact hardware specifications of the product they have on-hand.

The hardware advantage can also give users a better idea as to why iPhone has less RAM, as compared to that of the comparable Android device.

Applications and Their Effects

The reason for the lower levels of RAM on iPhones can not only be found in the hardware and software optimizations but also in the applications that are available. Apple has strict regulations on its app store that ensure applications must be built in a particular way to meet its software regulations.

This also means that Android applications are getting more and more advanced on a daily basis; and some of these applications constantly run in the background, which causes them to take up a bit more space. Hence, requiring the additional RAM helps ensure the efficiency of the phone itself.

To Wrap it Off

We have indeed pointed you towards the reasons as to why the iPhone has less RAM, which lies mostly within the iPhone’s uncanny efficiency. This leads us to the conclusion that although the iPhone has less RAM than the comparable Android phone, it’s still just as efficient if not more!

Does RAM matter in iPhone?

RAM doesn’t matter in the iPhone because they have better hardware and software integration as compared to Android.

Do iPhones last longer than androids?

Yes, iPhones last longer than Android because Apple gives regular updates of iOS to older devices.

Which phone is the best phone?

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best phone right now.

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