Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself? [Explained]

My Xbox One Turn On By Itself

Recently many people have been asking the same question ‘Why does my Xbox One turn on by itself?’. And if it really does, is there are some easy ways too to fix this issue? This issue generally occurs when something is wrong with the gaming console. There can be many reasons behind this, but most of them are easily fixable.

Common Reasons Behind The Question “Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself”

The device might get turned on due to certain reasons and in certain ways, but it shouldn’t be booting up without your assistance. A few common reasons behind the turn-on are being mentioned below with the basic fixes to them.

1. Sensitive Power Button

The power button of an original Xbox One is so sensitive and capacitive that even the slightest movements or a pet’s movement can turn it on. It might also happen that there’s some dust or debris stuck around the button.

Sensitive Power Button

So, you can use a dustcloth to wipe down the console gently. It’ll clear out the dirt that was activating the power button. While the Xbox One S and One X come with the physical power button, you need to make sure that the buttons aren’t stuck with any debris.

2. System Updates Are Waiting To Be Installed

If the console hasn’t had any system updates in a while, there’s a chance that it is taking an update automatically. This can also be a reason to cause your console to get turned on by itself.

So, make sure that your console is fully updated. Or you can simply disable the automatic update setting.

3. Controller Failure

The Xbox button on the controller lets you turn on the console, and this might be another reason for the Xbox One to turn on by itself.

Faulty Xbox One Controller

Make sure that the button is not stuck. If you can’t do it yourself, you can go to any repair shop or you can simply replace it with a new controller.

4. Kinect or Cortana

If you own a Kinect device, you can use voice commands to control your Xbox One. Cortana can also turn your Xbox on just with the ‘Xbox on’ command. So there’s a chance that Kinect or Cortana is misinterpreting something else as ‘Xbox on’.

To confirm this, go to your Xbox One’s Power & Startup Settings and disable the feature. If the console doesn’t turn on by itself after that, it means the Kinect or Cortana was the reason.

5. Power Cycle The Console

If all the above-mentioned tips go in vain, you can simply unplug the power cord. Wait for some time and plug it back. This process is called Power Cycling. It can often resolve a few basic issues related to software. You can also try to plug the power cord into another outlet.

Final Words

If you’re still having this question “why does my Xbox One turn on by itself”, check if your TV is activating your Xbox through the HDMI cable. You can disable this setting from your TV’s settings.

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