Not Getting Tumblr Verification Email? – Here’s What To Do

Not Getting Tumblr Verification Email

Recently, a lot of technical problems related to Tumblr have been surfacing up. Yes, it is obvious that due to the pandemic situation, the App seemed to have gained sudden popularity which the developers were not ready for. Nevertheless, recent complaints from Tumblr users have sprouted up showing that there has been some issue with users not getting Tumblr verification email while they try to verify or sign up for the first time.

Reasons for Not Getting Tumblr Verification Email

When you make a new account, it is customary for Tumblr to send you a verification message to the user’s email address. Now, there are two reasons you have not received this mail:

  • There has been some typing error in the email address you have punched in.
  • The mail has jumped into your Spam or Junk mail.

In case you realize it’s a typo, what you can do is visit the Preference Page for your account and if at all you come across a typo; you can fix it right then and there and save the respective changes. After this, you can request a link again for verification purposes from your Dashboard top.

Alternatively, check your Spam mail folders for the mail as well. If you still didn’t get the verification message; try adding [email protected] to the Address Book or Contacts that your email account uses. Then use the “Send it again” link at the top of your Dashboard to request a new verification message.

Adding [email protected] to the Address Book or Contacts that your email account uses is a good idea in general to make sure that you get notifications sent from Tumblr.

All the methods given above are official methods stated by Tumblr for users not getting Tumblr verification email. By any chance, the steps have still not helped you; users are requested to contact Tumblr representatives directly through their official portals.

Why am I not getting a verification email?

This happens when you submit your wrong email address. Also, make sure you check the spam or junk folder because sometimes verification emails are in the spam folder.

How can I confirm my email address?

To confirm an email address, click on the Confirmation email, it will open a New window, and click on Confirm.

What is SMTP stands for?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.