How To Open EPUB Files On Android? [Easy Guide]

How To Open EPUB Files On Android

If you are a book worm, and you don’t want to spend your pocket money on buying books, then e-books are a great option for you. There are plenty of apps that you can come across and you can download it from play store to open EPUB files on Android. There are many more apps for eBooks, but according to my opinion, FullReader is the best of them all. Most of the apps do not support DRM protection, and it is a real problem because it does not allow you to covert the e-books into other formats.

Open EPUB Files On Android

FullReader is a very well-known application for e-Books to open EPUB files on Android. This app is fully enjoyable without any payment feature. But it gives you an interesting feature of donating for the application from which it would be evident that you liked the app. The best thing about this app is that it has a feature of cloud backup support with Google drive.

And if you want to know about the languages then you can translate it to almost 95 languages. Translator to this app adds a bonus to your reading and can even help you to learn different languages. If you want to open EPUB files, then you must obviously try this app once. As it supports all the formats of reading even the comic books of CBR and CBZ. The interface of this app is very easy and anybody can use it.

There are two methods to open EPUB files on Android which are text format and graphic format methods. To choose from two of these methods, here are the steps:

  • You need to Go to the Settings button, which is on the side menu.
  • Then you get an option of the “EPUB display method”.
  • And choose any format you like.
How do I open an EPUB file?

To open an EPUB file, open Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on the computer, then go to File and click on Add to library.

Which is the best EPUB reader for Android?

Moon+ Reader is the best EPUB reader for Android.

Where can I read EPUB files?

For Android, Google Play Books is a free eBook reader that can read EPUB files.