How To Open EPUB Files On Windows 10? [Guide]

How To Open EPUB Files On Windows 10

If you are a reader then you might be really excited to learn about how to open EPUB files on Windows 10. You must also know that eBooks with DRM protection cannot be transferred into any other formats like PDF. If you are trying to open your EPUB files on the new chromium-based Microsoft edge then you need to install an EPUB application from Microsoft store to open EPUB files.

These applications are available everywhere and you can decide which application is more suitable after having a trial. So, now you can have them if you need a paid or free one because both exist giving their own benefits. We are talking about some of the EPUB readers application that exists for Windows.

Apps To Open EPUB Files On Windows 10

Recently, Calibre is the most popular application that people use to open EPUB files on Windows 10. It is an e-library that manages your books in a proper way. Apart from this, it has many features like editing, format conversion, converting news into an e-book, which gets collected from the web.

It is an e-book manager for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X. This app changes the file in the format that your device can read. If you want to talk about the font, then it has the perfect framing style. If you are so obsessed with reading, then I must say that you should surely use this app and have the best experience.

Are you are a reader and have a habit of highlighting or taking notes? Then you won’t get the feature of taking your notes here. But avoiding this, you should consider the positive features and can move ahead to use this app which will help you to open EPUB files.

Some other Apps

If you aren’t comfortable with Calibre, then you are going for something else like Sumatra PDF. These applications focus on the user interface. It is a free pdf reader for windows. It is a lightweight program that startups fast in a clean and simple way. It’s viewing mode is amazing because you can view it in any way you want.

Sumatra PDF is a small and powerful application to open EPUB files on Windows 10. It also works with MOBI eBooks. It works with PDF and XPS. Sumatra PDF also goes with comic book formats like CBZ and CBR. You can conclude that it supports a lot of formats. You can’t alter e-books here because as you add more features to the application, the slower it becomes. This application has limited features that would help you in its best possible means, and that’s why it is an amazing application.

If we talk about its features than you come across its language option that it holds, good zoom for your eye, and search function if you like to explore. The best thing is that it opens heavy files in no time. You don’t need to install this app on your PC it is placed in your cloud storage. You can directly run it on your computer and can enjoy reading your favorite books without any interruption.

Also, there is another way to read EPUB files. You can install EPUBReader from the chrome web store to open EPUB files on Windows 10. You can click directly on the web and they will open the files in a PDF format in your browser.

Can Microsoft Edge open EPUB files?

No, Microsoft Edge no longer support EPUB files.

Can EPUB be converted to PDF?

Yes, you can convert an EPUB file to a PDF file.

Can I open EPUB files on Adobe Reader?

No, you will not be able to open EPUB files on Adobe Reader.

Is Calibre eBook free?

Yes, it’s a free, open-source eBook that is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows.