Opera GX Gaming Browser Adds Discord Integration And Other Features

Opera GX Gaming Browser Update

If you are a gamer, you might be really excited about the Opera GX gaming browser update. Its features are very unique and special for avid gamers. Let’s talk about the interface they have worked upon which is on a top-notch level. This feature is named as “Forced dark mode”. The feature is in beta that will match your Opera GX browser. They came up with some dark theme and bright colors that make it looks very interesting. These new updated features have led to an enormous version.

Most updated features of Opera GX Gaming Browser

Features that have been highlighted are Discord integration, browser tab force closer. Now, you can stay connected with your squad with this new update. This new version of Opera GX Gaming Browser gives you access to connect with the opera GX community where you can give your feedback. You can talk with your squad and have fun. You can get that feature from the browser’s sidebar.

Maciej Kocemba also stated that, “Our users have been asking discord support in the browser so here it is. Everyone can now more easily connect with their community on any topic they want”.

This version will also take care of your CPU and RAM. Browser tab force closer in Opera GX browser is known as “Hot tabs Killer”. Here, the name already gives a clear view that what is the task of this feature. This new feature will help you to cleanse the tabs that have gained the load of excess resources.

You can get rid of the unnecessary tabs that have been eating up your memory resources. Opera GX Gaming Browser is the first gaming browser, and they have been working harder to come with some new and interesting updates for the gamers.

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