Paytm Business QR Code Not Working? [How To Fix]

Paytm Business QR Code Not Working

Paytm is an e-wallet platform used by the customers & merchants to make the required transactions digitally. It has become easy to make the payments to vendors by scanning the vendor’s QR code that is available at their cash counter. But sometimes Paytm business QR code not working and the customer might face an error. There might be many reasons like the device is not scanning the QR code properly, or Paytm might have blocked the QR code payment route for the business.

When a customer is trying to pay to a merchant or a business by scanning QR code, they might get an error Paytm business QR code is not working, saying that you can pay this merchant through UPI only. The reasons and the mistakes done by the merchant or business for facing this error are explained below.

Fix Paytm Business QR Code Not Working Problem

Reason 1

Some of the merchant users would have transferred the money from their credit card to their family members or friend’s Paytm wallet. When the family member or friend scans the merchant QR code and transfer the amount back to the merchant’s account.

This kind of transaction is noticed by Paytm, so the QR code of the people and entities who were part of such transactions were banned, and they could receive the payment through UPI mode only.

Reason 2

Some merchants also face the issue that some of their customers are able to pay them through QR code, and some of them are not. If there was an issue in QR code, then none of the customers should have been able to pay.

The reason is that there might have been some wallet to wallet transactions between the merchant and the customer. Paytm found this link between the customer & merchant; hence the QR code transaction between them was banned.

Paytm has an Unfair usage policy, and the above-mentioned transaction comes under this policy. There is a risk monitoring team of Paytm which continuously monitors & keeps track of transactions, and weed out the transactions which are harmful to the company.

The team has a search engine that works similar to that of the Google search engine, but it is used by the team to search the QR codes through which wallet to wallet transactions have taken place between the merchant and the customer. If the link is detected, then the team would ban their QR codes.

Some individual users who had downloaded business Paytm are also facing the issue of Paytm business QR code not working as they have downloaded this app; so that they could transfer the money from their friends & relatives to their bank account through wallet without facing any additional transaction charges. Steps have been taken by the Paytm risk management team to ban such QR codes so that such kind of transactions does not take place.

If you want to fix this issue, then call on the Paytm customer care number, talk to them and explain your problem. They’ll surely fix this issue.


Those who are not facing the issue of Paytm business QR code not working; it is advisable never to transact with the person through QR code with whom you have already transferred money through a wallet or else your QR code will also be banned by Paytm.

Can I get a QR code sticker for Paytm Business?

Yes, you can order your physical QR code from the Paytm application and you can also print the QR code.

How to Scan the Paytm QR Code?

To scan the Paytm QR code, open the Paytm application, then tap on “Pay or Send” on the homepage. It automatically starts scanning the QR code.

What does QR mean?

QR stands for Quick Response.

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