How To Register On Paytm As A Seller? [Simple Guide]

How To Register On Paytm As A Seller

For Making an online payment to a vendor, Paytm is one of the best options available on the digital platform. It has steadily become one of the trustworthy platforms among both customers and merchants, and both categories also enjoy the ease of doing business. Everybody knows how to register oneself as a customer on the Paytm app. But many might know how to register on Paytm as a seller. Though there are many documents required comparatively, it is very simple to register oneself as a seller on the platform.

Before understanding the registration process; let us first know who is eligible to register on Paytm as a seller.

Categories under which one can register as a seller

  • Individuals can sell his or her goods on the platform by registering on their own company as a seller.
  • Companies like private limited or public limited or one-person company can register themselves as a seller on the platform. The transactions will be conducted through their company entity.
  • A seller having a Limited liability partnership or partnership firm can also register themselves on the platform.

Documents required to Register On Paytm As A Seller

The list is mentioned below.

  • The PAN card of the company or firm bearing the entity name is required. Whereas if an individual is registering oneself; then a PAN card bearing their name is required to be submitted.
  • The bank account documents of the company or the individual will be used for the transaction need to be submitted.
  • As per the Indian government rule of April 2017, all the businesses have to register themselves in Goods & Service Tax (GST). As per the government law, all businesses selling products on an e-commerce platform need to register themselves under GST.

To register for GST; following documents are required.

  • PAN Card
  • Canceled Cheque of the bank account
  • Aadhaar card
  • Email address
  • Valid phone number

After receiving GST number, you have to submit it for the registration as a seller.

After the completion of GST re

  • Address proof of the company, bank account passbook or statement, utility bills, passport copy, etc. needs to be submitted.
  • If a company is registering itself as a seller, then a Certificate of incorporation and if a firm is registering, then a Partnership deed needs to be submitted along with the documents as mentioned earlier.

With all the documents in place, by following the below steps, you can register on Paytm as a seller.

Steps to register as a Paytm seller

  • Visit the following website
  • A webpage containing “Sell on Paytm Marketplace” will appear on your system screen.
  • The webpage will contain the sign-up form, fill all the required details like name, email, mobile number, address, and documents.
  • To verify the authenticity of the details submitted; a verification email will be sent to your email id & an SMS on your number.
  • Once the verification is completed; all the above-mentioned documents or the KYC documents need to be submitted.

After the completion of the registration on Paytm as a seller, the individual or the company can start selling their products on the Paytm platform.

Final Words

All the e-commerce platforms are helping businesses to expand their reach since there is no boundary in the digital world. The company or the individual sitting at the remotest part of the country is able to sell their products with the help of Paytm like platforms. But the seller also needs to innovate themselves on a timely basis and understand not only their domestic market but also the global market.

Is Paytm selling fake products?

There are many sellers on Paytm who sell fake items, not Paytm.

How can I list my product on Paytm?

You have to sign into the Paytm seller panel and then you have to select the Catalog option on the left of the screen. Now select the Add new product on the right of the screen. Select the Create new products in bulk option.

Is it safe to buy products from Paytm Mall?

Yes, it is totally safe to buy products from Paytm Mall.

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