Why Paytm UPI Not Working? [4 Possible Reasons]

Why Paytm UPI Not Working

In today’s digital world, people prefer making payments through UPI apps available on their mobile devices rather than carrying hard cash. Most of the time, these transactions are successful; and the amount gets credited to the receiver’s account, but sometimes it does fail. So, In this article, We’ll explain why Paytm UPI not working, as the Paytm platform is widely used. There might be many reasons like wrong UPI pin entered or the receiver account details are incorrect for the transaction not being successful.

Below we will explain why Paytm UPI is not working to improve your knowledge, so that you don’t panic when the transaction fails.

Reasons Why Paytm UPI Not Working

  1. There is a limit of UPI payments that one can conduct for 24 hours; which is usually about 10 UPI payments a day per account. If you have already exhausted the limit, then there will be a failure for the 11th transaction.
  2. UPI is linked to your bank account; if you are trying to make a payment and don’t have a sufficient amount in your account; the transaction will fail. So before initiating the transaction, you should check the balance amount available in your account.
  3. Since we are using a lot of apps asking for passwords & PINs; we might get confused or forget the correct keywords required for operating the app. Entering the wrong PIN also leads to the failure of the transaction through the UPI platform. You can easily regenerate a new PIN by accessing the forget PIN option and follow the steps mentioned by the app.
  4. You have to fill in the receiver’s bank account details to add them as a beneficiary in your app. Sometimes there can be a typographical error while filling up the details; which will lead to transaction failure, as the details mentioned are incorrect. You have to double-check all the account details filled before submitting it.

These are some of the basic reasons because of which Paytm UPI is not working; but sometimes there can be a technical glitch or failure of the server or technical failure of the banking system.

What to do if UPI is not working?

If UPI is not working, make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Also, this happens if the recipient’s number not entered correctly.

How can I contact BHIM UPI?

To contact BHIM UPI, you can call on this Toll-free number 18001201740 for any queries or complaints.

Why is my bank declining Paytm?

This happens when you entered incorrect card details like expiry date and OTP/CVV or maybe you have insufficient balance.