Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure Feature Rolled Out

Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure Feature

Pokemon Go Buddy adventure is a new feature of Pokemon Go which was launched a few years ago and has gained a lot of popularity among the youngsters. One of the vital reasons for Pokemon go becoming popular was its combination between the virtual and real world.

Now Pokemon Go buddy adventure is all set to get into your device in 2020. Pokemon Go buddy adventure has an exciting feature of buddy pokemon. Now you can pet your friend’s pokemon with the help of augmented reality experience where players will interact with their friend’s Pokémon via the AR camera.

Buddy Adventure isn’t the only feature mentioned in today’s press release, Niantic has also highlighted the Niantic Wayfarer program. It is a tool for the best players, so they can post new positions, photos, titles and more information about positions in Niantic AR games.

Official announcement of Pokemon Go buddy adventure

Niantic has now announced that the implementation of the Buddy Adventure feature for Pokemon Go has been completed and is available to trainers above level 2.

This feature basically allows you to experience Pokemon’s choice in a more realistic way. It allows Pokemon to walk around the map without fear, be more interactive and express his feelings and, in practice, be your AR friend.

Buddy Adventure allows them to run, fly, swim and fidget, and players can even feed them with blueberries. With the help of these blueberries, you will be able to increase your buddy level and this will surely help you a lot in your Pokemon Go battle journey.

Pokemon Go buddy adventure and its different levels

As it is officially declared that the Pokemon Go buddy adventure will be launched in 2020, so here are some things you must know about this game.

To make a buddy with a friend, you must acquire sympathy by studying, fighting and playing with your friend. The more sensitivity you have, the better your Pokémon’s mood will be and when this friend reaches the highest possible mood, you will get the additional benefits are mentioned below:

  • The distance your friend has to find Candy will be halved.
  • The number of hearts won per share will double.
  • Trainers can earn bonus hearts!

Classifications of a buddy in Pokemon Go

Depending upon the berries you feed and the way you treat pokemon is classified as a good buddy, great buddy, ultra buddy, and best buddy.

Good Buddy: Now can know how exactly your buddy feels about you on the buddy profile page. Also, your buddy can join you on your Pokemon Go journey on the map view!

Great Buddy: Catching a Pokemon can get very tough at times, but now you don’t have to worry about it, as your great buddy will help you in catching the Pokemon in Pokemon encounters. Great buddy will also bring various kinds of items that will be surely helpful to you in your Pokemon Go journey.

Ultra Buddy: Ultra Buddy will help you in finding the different places around you which you haven’t been yet and hence will help you in excavating the world around you. Your buddy will also bring you Souvenirs, which you can keep track of on the buddy profile page.

Best Buddy: Become the best buddies and let everyone know about it, Best buddies are those who are very close to you among all buddies and you can show off to everyone about your best buddy as you will get the best buddy ribbon. Pokémon that are your best Buddies can get a CP boost in combat as long as they’re still assigned as your Buddy Pokémon.

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