How To Enable Instagram Night Mode For Android?

Instagram Night Mode for Android

When we scroll our phone at night with bright white light it makes our eyes a bit uncomfortable. So, most of the apps have introduced a dark theme which makes that app look more amazing and comfortable during nighttime. One of the most popular social networking apps is Instagram and now Instagram night mode for Android is available.

Instagram is a very addictive app as it connects you with the world and helps you to make your own social identity.

To make your Instagram look cooler and also comfortable while using it at night time Instagram night mode for Android is now ready to get active.

Facts behind The Instagram Night Mode For Android

Apple’s s iOS 13 update contains dark mode feature, ever since that every Android is looking forward to fetching this feature for various apps.

The vital reason behind night mode was to provide comfort to users during night time. On Monday, Oct 7 Instagram also made dark mode features available for both iOS and Android.

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Difference between Instagram Dark Mode for Android and iOS

Since the new feature was released on Monday, iOS and Android users on the most up-to-date operating systems have been able to slide their fingers in low light and even in shades of black, thanks to the new dark mode on Instagram.

Fortunately, iPhone users with iOS 13 can access dark mode in the app by simply switching the entire phone to dark mode. However, this is not really different for Android phones, except for some restrictions. Don’t be too afraid, though, because it’s so easy to get this new amazing function on android as well, dark mode is dark grey and black color that makes your eyes comfortable at night while you use your phone.

Steps to Activate Instagram Night Mode for Android

To make your device turn dark with all themes and colors highlighting from it is for sure an amazing site. No doubt everyone wants this feature for every app and now you can easily activate Instagram night mode for Android as well. Learn these easy steps and enjoy the amazing dark mode on your Android device.

Here are 4 simple steps to change your regular theme to the dark mode:

  • Make sure you already have Android 10 or can upgrade. To check if an update is available, go to Settings> System> System Update.
Android 10 Update
  • After updating to Android 10, activate dark mode by selecting Settings> Display> Dark theme.
Enable Dark Mode
  • You can also activate dark mode in battery saver mode by going to Settings> Battery> Battery saver. Both are now connected because dark mode saves battery life; so if you activate Battery Saver, it will automatically go into dark mode.
Optimize Power Mode
  • Open the Instagram application. The dark mode will be active in the Instagram application after activating it in the phone settings.
Enabled Instagram Dark Mode

Final Words

Recently, Instagram implemented Instagram’s dark mode for iOS and Android users. This is one of Instagram’s most desirable features over the years that has finally been released. This updated dark feature helps to save your device battery and reduce eye fatigue. Dark mode makes major changes to applications by changing the plain white background to a darker shade. If you are a Twitter user and you also want dark mode for your Twitter, worry not. We also have an article on how to enable dark mode in Twitter.

Instagram automatically syncs your device and enters dark mode. The Instagram dark mode only works on devices running iOS 13 and Android 10. So before you try, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Instagram.

How to enable dark mode for Instagram on Android?

1. Go to Settings.
2. Then tap on Display.
3. Tap on Dark Theme and Enable it.
4. Then launch Instagram and you will see dark mode is automatically enabled.

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