Samsung’s Project Neon Aims To Bring AI-Humans Into The Real World

Project Neon

Imagine a realistic rendition of JARVIS of the MCU brought to our world. Samsung is out with its new project named “Project Neon” that will take the technology world by storm. “Artificial Humans” has been a concept used in fiction and Samsung has managed to make it a reality.

They have named the artificial humans, NEONs; and have displayed them at the CES last year. This year they have brought it to the world as three commercial products:  Neon View, Neon Frame, and Neon Studio.

They are not designed to just be smart services like Siri; they are actual AI humans that work based on intricate algorithms. AI humans have a lot of advantages. They don’t tire out and can work continuously with no loss of efficiency.

Project Neon

Samsung designed Project Neon to help the people accomplish more. Humans have creativity that cannot be replicated by machines, but machines have efficiency. This forms a powerful combination.

Project Neon will be made a part of Samsung’s Neon WorkForce and Neon Content Creation services. They will be tested and evaluated for their impact globally. To get a small taste of it, Samsung has developed an application called Neon View. It’s smarter than a digital assistant using the Core R3 technology principles.

At a larger scale, we have Neon Frame. This comes in a huge 4K display and feels exactly like there’s a person standing in the same room as you. It comes with high-fidelity audio, security, and encryption. They are also equipped with other sensors for contactless payments and biometric scanning. This will cover the way for virtual receptionists and bank tellers.

The most interesting of them all would be the Neon Studio, where you can design an AI with moods and behavior. Here, original personalized content is created and displayed in any form you like.

These mind-blowing creations are just the start of potential future projects by Samsung. If it will be a successful venture, then Project Neon will revolutionize the world.