Razer Showed Off A High-Tech Face Mask With RGB Lighting

Face Mask With RGB Lighting

Razer is a brand that is best known for its incredible gaming accessories, some of them quite unusual. Its newest ever release, Project Hazel, is set to continue this wild trend of bizarre and exciting products. Razer’s futuristic face mask with RGB Lighting has caused quite a sensation with its amazing design and its clever inbuilt features.

Face Mask With RGB Lighting

The team Razer has designed this reusable N95 mask with advanced filter discs that are fitted on both sides of your face. According to the company, these ventilators can filter out over 95% of particles from the air you breathe in. It also filters particles from the air that you inhale. The advanced control system is built to completely sterilize the passage of air.

Project Hazel has been custom designed to look like something straight out of a video game. It has a sleek finish available in two color options. The mask is entirely water-proof and scratch-proof. Plus the transparent part of the mask keeps your face partially visible so people see your lips and expressions while you speak.

And there’s more, this light-up mask also has a built-in microphone that amplifies your voice to make it more audible. Imagine having your very own glowing speaker extension!

This face mask with RGB lighting has innovative filters that can be personalized to glow in different colors. It has additional light-up settings placed around your mouth. There is also talk of designing a charging case that will function as a sterilization unit for the mask.

The Future of Project Hazel

Project Hazel will hit the markets once it gets through the usual FDA tests and passes the regulations of the Disease and Health Control Boards. The mask is all set to battle out the Covid waves with a whole bunch of additional features. Compared to our little everyday cloth masks, this model is certainly a game-changer.