PS5 DualSense Controller Has A 50% Larger Battery Than DualShock 4

PS5 DualSense Controller

In the fast-moving world, everything has become part of gaming in which the Sony PlayStation has its fan base. As part of a journey of the play station, now they have attained the most awaiting important milestone i.e, the launch of the PS5 Dual sense controller. When we talk about this, Sony had made an open statement that this is peculiar compared to other products that they produce.

The sound system is being fantastic that one can never resist keeping the handset down even for a minute. The built-in microphone is more appropriate for gamers to chat with their friends with a 3.5mm jack headset. Moreover, this voice recognition gives a feel of physically connected. We can switch off voice capture in a moment by pressing the mute button.

The first look of the Dual sense wireless Controller is catchy; and it turns out to be the most wanted product to all the people who were involved in the play station community. Being part of the initiative of the wireless PS5 Dualsense controller features were officially announced.

PS5 DualSense Controller Features

The PS5 offers adaptive shoulders give a comfortable holding that provides haptic feedback; which gives a lively feel while playing with our friends.

According to the recent update, In India PS5 Dualsense controller will be launched by 12th November 2020 and in the US, Australia, and some other countries it will be out by 19th November 2020. As additional info, we can also get to know about several other accessories required, and also Sony revealed the pricing details of the PS5.

The cost of the handset is $70 and with aid of the charging station, we can connect both the PS4 and PS5 at the same at $30. The pulse 3D headset costs $100 that supports 3D audio while the PS5 media remote costs $30.