PUBG Season 9: A New Map Making Its Way In The Game

PUBG Season 9 Update

Good news for all the PUBG junkies out there; there is going to be a new map feature added with the PUBG Season 9 update. The name of the map is said to be Paramo. This is going to be available for PCs from the 21st of October. Talking about the PS4 and Xbox One, expect the same on the 29th of October.

Paramo map is the 6th in the row in the Battle Royal Game. PUBG has introduced 5 Maps till date namely Erangel (Urban Map), Miramar (Desert Map), Sanhok (Forest Map), Vikendi (Snow Map), Karakin (Badlands Map), and now Paramo, the Volcano Map.

More About Paramo Here!

PUBG released a short teaser on its official Twitter account about the PUBG Season 9 update in which a giant volcano can be seen breaking out. The ground enveloped with magma and trees set ablaze hints that players should take shelter to avoid the aftermath. At the end of the teaser, you can see a grand cargo helicopter flying right towards the flaming volcano.

In another video on Twitter, the cargo helicopter can be seen dropping a big loot container right into the mouth of the volcano. To obstruct the cargo helicopter from dropping the loot container in the enraged volcano; the players have to attempt to shoot it down.

According to the video’s caption, “dynamic landscape” it should be easy to infer that the new map feature in PUBG Season 9 does not talk about the dynamic weather which was seen in the previous maps. But to let the players find out on their own, what’s coming up; and how much this new update will change the gameplay, not much is put out for us right now.

Although not much is there to make sense of that doesn’t spare the PUBG players from contemplating the future of the game with this new map element coming up with the PUBG Season 9 update. It certainly stimulates a new wave of excitement in the PUBG community; we hope PUBG can live up to the expectations.