How To Fix High Ping On Among Us? [Easy Guide]

Fix High Ping On Among Us

Among Us is now an amazing multiplayer game to be enjoyed with friends and family to random or unknown gamers. But this game has many bugs and glitches in it. One of them is a high ping problem. So, to solve that issue here we have written an article on how to fix high ping on among us.

Steps to Fix High Ping On Among Us

Amazingly, Among Us uses a cross-platform system, so those of you who play via Android, iOS, and PC or Steam devices can play together anytime. 

1. Use Local Mode

For those of you who want to play with friends and happen to be in the same location. They can use Wifi or through the same network router. With Local mode, you must have a very stable network.

Of course, using this mode you can’t play with friends who are out of range or a different WiFi IP address. This mode is only helpful if you are playing with your friends on the same network.

2. Use the Stable Connection Helper Application

For those of you who seem to want to keep playing online, you need an additional application to make a stable connection.

You can search for the ‘Ping‘ application on your device’s application search platform. Then, use the keyword ‘’ to help the connection run on your device background.

Calm down, this method to fix high ping on among us is safe and the developer also doesn’t prohibit the use of additional applications to just help the connection. And even there is no issue of account ban so you can use this method.

3. Switch Server

When you experience frequent server and connection problems, it can ruin the fun. However, this solution is probably one of the best.

So, when you can’t try playing on an Asian server, try switching servers just to try. If successful, create a room on a server other than Asia, and then you can also play with friends.

4. Change DNS

You can try changing DNS to fix high ping on among us. Changing DNS helps a lot in this kind of situation.

For mobile, you can use Google DNS or Cloudflare DNS for a better experience. Using DNS on pc is also simple, you need to change a few settings and you are good to go.

5. Turn off all auto-updates in the app

When you turn on your PC, you often run several applications or software simultaneously. Now, when various applications are running in the background, sometimes they like to update themselves.

This kind of thing happens most often with the Steam application, which often downloads the latest versions of the games we own. To disable it, you can select the preference then download then on the menu on the left, you remove the checkbox on the allows downloads during the gameplay option.

Final Words

So, those were some of the tips to fix high ping on among us. We hope that it worked for you and you get a good smooth experience playing the game.

Why is my ping on Among Us is so high?

It happens due to the over-capacity of the server or maybe your device is not connected to a good internet connection.

How do I lower my ping in Among Us?

Among Us has 3 server regions: North America, Asia, Europe. Choose the nearest server closest to your location to lower the ping.

What is a good ping for Among Us?

The ping below 100ms is termed as a good ping in Among Us.