Red Magic TWS Earphones – Gaming Earphones Revealed

Red Magic TWS Earphones

In the amazing world, every little thing will amuse us invariably. In fact, in our daily routine, everything is comprised of little things. Even then we enjoy the lifestyle and plan things accordingly. Initially, we got many huge gadgets and accessories. But now we expect small gadgets which satisfy us at its maximum. Comparatively, now we got Red Magic TWS Earphones.

Red Magic TWS Earphones Revealed

Nubia, a Chinese Smartphone manufacturer launches its signature products without fail. Since April 2018, the launch of sub-brand “Red Magic” which supports gaming. The Red Magic comes out with all interesting products like gaming earbuds, backpack, wi-fi router, smartphones, neckband, and many more. In turn, this boosts up the expectation of the product to the top. Once after they got their logo as well as new brand vision in 2020, they launch Red Magic TWS Earphones to the market.

Firstly, When we go with the look it is an eye-catchy one. The triangular cut in the earbuds, short stem for the microphone, and also a three LED strip in the center is the most fascinating thing that was inbuilt. The shaped ear hook is a comfortable thing to easy wearing. And removing the earbuds will also easy as it got an angular cut. The combination of color matters “red and black”. 

Now, the Red Magic TWS earphones are said to be the real gamer fashion with RGB lighting. The president of Nubia, Ni Fei says the most highlighted feature of this earphone is it can be connected to Red magic Smartphones at 39ms latency as it got lag-free audio whereas when we connect to other non-red magic smartphones it connects with 60ms latency.

In the current scenario, they say this is the ultra-low latency mode. The earphone could last up to 20 hours straight without any hindrance. And charging is not a tough task. While charging and pairing, as an indication, both the earbuds will light up.  

This Red Magic TWS Earphones is available all over China at CNY 299 which costs around Rs. 3200. The mysterious part is that the availability of the product outside China is still unknown. Hopefully, we would get an update on that soon.