Positive And Negative Effects Of PUBG Mobile Game

Positive And Negative Effects Of PUBG

Here are the positive and negative effects of PUBG

Who doesn’t know about PUBG today? Doesn’t really matter if you are a gamer or not, the phrase, “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” is surely familiar to you. This multiplayer game had risen up the ladder pretty fast and was the heartbeat of the youth gaming community. But now, after a lot of speculations, the game has started worrying a lot of parents and other loved ones, especially those, whose children are being affected by this blatant addiction.

Many studies and incidents have proven that the game is taking a negative toll on the mass and is affecting their mental health to a different level altogether. There have been reports stating, that a son physically assaulted his own mother because she was calling him to do some household work in between the game. Is this what we signed up for?

On the contrary, there are many people who are saying that these effects have been seen in a very small mass of the population, and generalizing few unfortunate incidents will not be fair to the other. This is why, in this article, we will address the positive and negative effects of PUBG on the mass. So, without any further due, let’s begin the analysis.

Positive Effects of PUBG


One thing for sure, if there is something that PUBG has seemed to improve, it has to be the instant reflexes of the person playing it. This is because, the game is a real-time game, where you need to apply your actual skills, understanding, and strategies to move forward in the game. Right from the movement of your fingertips to the speed of your hand movement, everything improves while playing this game.


It has been seen, that bodily coordination with respect to the brain increases a lot while playing this game. Playing this game flexes, the muscles and tissues of the brain. Furthermore, the players get to activate both the cortexes of the brain – the left & right side. This indeed is a game-changer and helps the players bettering his coordination skills and applying them in day to day chores as well.


Talking about cognition, the basic element to consider here is the power to think and implement. The decision-making element along with practically strategizing the next steps and moves of each player according to the surroundings takes a great deal of cognition to work. Right from coordinating hand-eye movements to running the fingers at a speed to match up the opponent, PUBG definitely increases Cognitive abilities upto a certain level.

Leadership Qualities

As PUBG is a team game, it enhances the leadership quality of a person. Furthermore, it also inculcates the sense of logical thinking, planning, strategizing and decision making, in turn making a good leader of a player.

Negative Effects of PUBG


As PUBG is a shooting game, it has been seen that a lot of children have inculcated that violent behavioural tendencies in them. There is an incident that reported, a fitness trainer who was based out of Jammu started hitting himself after losing the game in PUBG. Furthermore, there have other cases reporting children taking up destructive methods such as breaking household stuff and other such mechanisms to cope with their loss in the game. This is one of the most dangerous aspects the game is highlighting.


Once someone starts playing PUBG, there is no going back. People refuse to understand or comprehend anything beyond the game. There have been cases of severe addiction where people have lost their lives playing this game. Recently, two people were playing PUBG sitting on the railway track and lost their lives in this manner. They were so engrossed in this game; they could not even hear the train honking. This is what PUBG is doing to the human mind.

Physical Abnormalities

Due to sitting in a particular position, there is a lot of damages in the spinal section of the body, the neck, and persistent headaches. Recently, a report suggested that a 20-year-old boy, based out of Jagitial in Telangana, passed away after playing the game for just 45 days. The boy suffered from severe pain in the neck and was reported to have damaged his nerves in the neck region. The boy passed away in the surgery table itself.


In many cases, players tend to isolate themselves and become anti-social, as all they do is, play PUBG, the entire day. They do not like to interact with others or have healthy and meaningful conversations with people. All they do is become couch potatoes over time; spoil their eyes, and completely lose control over their mental stability.

Sleep Pattern

If you know people who play PUBG, in and around you, you will know exactly how disrupted their sleep pattern is. PUBG players start early in the morning and play till late, at night. They don’t have time to eat or take a bath, because all these people do is play. Similarly, they have a disturbed sleep pattern as they are so addicted to the game; they are ready to sacrifice any aspect of their health to win in the game.

Mental Health

There have bee instances, where people have adopted violence to cope with losing in the game. They have isolated themselves and some have even gone into severe depression, because of losing this game. This game has taken a heavy toll on many innocent minds and many have lost their lives and have attempted to self-harm themselves.

This is indeed, a matter of worry and a subject of interest to many people and concerned parents out there. Children are being affected in the wrong manner; are adopting the wrong means of coping with their failures. They fail to understand that it is just a game and that life goes beyond a 4 by a 4-inch screen. More than positive effects, PUBG has had a negative effect on the mass. Hence, it is advisable to get rid of the game as soon as possible, before it gets the best of you and completely, goes out of hand.

Why is PUBG not good?

Because it can lead to addiction and harm mental health.

How do I remove the age restriction on PUBG?

To remove the age restriction on PUBG, simply open the PUBG Mobile, tap on the Settings icon on the bottom right corner, then tap on Others and select Yes or No to enable or disable it.

Is PUBG ok for 13 years old?

Yes, the minimum age for playing PUBG Mobile is 13 years.