Spotify Not Showing Lyrics Anymore? [How To Fix]

Spotify Not Showing Lyrics Anymore

In November 2019, Spotify said it was testing real-time lyrics within the app for certain markets. On July 1, Spotify officially launched the feature. Spotify partnered with Genius, a US site specializing in exchanging knowledge in the music industry.

Since this collaboration, the first music streaming service has offered functionality to display song lyrics as well as background information.

When tested, this feature can be used directly by users on Now Playing on the mobile application. To access this feature, users just need to play the song they want. Then in Now Playing, the user immediately scrolls down.

But recently some users have complained about Spotify not showing lyrics anymore.

Display lyrics with Genius

Genius is a partner of Spotify, as a result, the platform created a tool that gives access to the lyrics and the story of certain songs. Here’s how to do that:

  • First, you will need to open the Spotify app.
  • Click on the title of the song which is currently playing.
  • Once on the artist’s record cover interface, scroll down to access the lyrics and song history.
  • If they don’t appear, then they’re not yet available for that song.

Why Spotify not showing lyrics?

After they have released the real-time lyrics feature, there have been many complaints about lyrics not working. As it is mentioned above it offers real-time lyrics to only certain songs.

Spotify is adding lyrics to more songs now but currently, lyrics are not available for every song.

Free Alternatives

Sound Hound – If the functions that Genius provides is not enough for you, then there is a free app called SoundHound.

MusixMatch – Musixmatch is another platform on which you can share and search lyrics for free.

Final Words

This was about why Spotify not showing lyrics. You will need to hold for some time until it completes adding lyrics for all songs. Until then you can use the free alternatives.

How do I enable Spotify Connect?

To enable Spotify Connect, tap on Home, then tap on Settings, now tap on Devices, then switch off show local devices only and Connect again.

How do you hide music on Spotify desktop?

With the new feature, Premium subscribers can select any song to hide from the playlist.

Is Spotify available in Slovenia?

Yes, it’s now fully available in Slovenia.

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