Spotify Premium Duo Not Working? [Know How To Fix]

Spotify Premium Duo Not Working

After introducing the lyrics feature to the app, music streaming service provider Spotify has just released a new payment method. Previously, Spotify offered several types of premium packages to choose from.

Namely individuals, families, and students. So, to fill the gap between individuals and families, they launched the Spotify Premium Duo package. As the name implies, this package is intended for two people.

It doesn’t mean that the accounts will be combined into one. Each will still be able to enjoy or listen to different music at the same time, it’s just that the price is cheaper like the Family Plan.

The advantage is the ability to download music and playlists so that it doesn’t take up the quota. It is ad-free and can play any song without having to shuffle and skip indefinitely.

But many people complained that the Spotify premium duo not working.

Spotify Premium Duo Not Working [Fix]

One user posted on the Spotify community that had changed the subscription from premium to premium duo. And after that, he had sent an invitational link to his partner who had also switched from premium to premium duo but it showed an error.

Now many other members also started raising this issue. So, a Spotify Admin replied with a solution that if you are the plan manager and you used the same device for inviting someone then you should make sure that you are logged out of your account page first.

There is also a possibility that your invite link may have expired so you can generate a new one and send it to your partner. These two solutions are only known to us till now. We will update this article when any new solution will come out.

Final Words

If you are also facing such an issue of Spotify premium duo not working then you can try the above methods.

Why is my Spotify crashing?

It happens due to cache files or weak internet connection.

How do I fix my Spotify?

To fix Spotify, logout your account and restart your device to resolve this issue.

Is it OK to delete cache data?

Yes, cache data are the unnecessary files. Delete them to free up some space.