Threads App Not Working? [How To Fix]

Threads App Not Working

Why is my Threads app not working? Let’s find out! Meta has rushed out a competitor of the Twitter App, and now the Threads App is facing some issues. The most common errors people see are – “Threads not responding,” “App freeze,” and “Threads crashing during uploads.”

Meta recently rolled out its shiny new toy, the Threads App. Not only does it boast a smooth and instant onboarding experience with your Instagram credentials, but it also gives you a brand new platform to share your unfiltered thoughts and opinions with your friends. While its clean user interface has been praised by many, it definitely needs some work done regarding its stability.

Already, several users have taken to other social media platforms complaining about issues faced while accessing the app. If you’ve also seen the message “Threads App Not Working,” then here are some easy troubleshooting steps to follow:

Understanding Why Threads App Not Working

1. App Server Status

One of the most basic solutions to all your problems is ensuring whether or not the server of the Threads App is running. A quick check online will let you know if you need to go through the rest of the steps below. Mostly, because the app is new, the developers will have to keep bringing updates. So a server issue can be the most common one.

2. Device Compatibility

This could be another reason keeping you from using the Threads App. In case your device is compatible and you still cannot access the app, try going through the steps mentioned below. Usually, the Play Store or Apple Store won’t allow you to download the application without proper device compatibility. But just in case you can make sure by visiting or researching about the app. If you have a compatible device we recommend you to follow the steps mentioned below.

3. Clear Cache

If you haven’t emptied the app’s cache in a while, it could be the solution you’re looking for. The option for the same can be found here: Go to Settings and scroll down until you find the Apps option. You can search for the Threads app and click on the Clear Cache option. Sometimes due to cache, the app behaves abnormally. You can try out this technique with not just the Threads app but also other apps that might be acting weird.

4. Latest Version

Just in case clearing the cache of the app doesn’t help, check if a newer version of the Threads App is available. Since an older version could stop working for plenty of reasons, an update could solve your troubles. As we discussed, the app is relevantly new and that’s why you might have not received the latest update. You might have turned off the automatic update settings.

5. Disable VPN

In case you have an active VPN running in the background of your device, disable it and recheck the Threads App. The app does this to keep you and other users secure. You can try to turn the VPN on again but if the issues come back you’ll have no other option but to keep it off.

6. Internet Connection

If all these steps haven’t helped yet, the answer could be simpler. You can try to connect to a different internet on the device so you have good quality stable internet. At first, you can ask for your neighbor’s wifi or your friend’s hotspot just to check if the problem is with your internet or not.

7. Restart Device

A lot of issues resolve themselves with a quick restart of your device. As small bugs are fixed with a restart, it could lead to access to the Threads App being restored. If you want you can completely shut down your phone and try to log in again. This is a simple trick but mostly works flawlessly.


Hopefully, your problems rectify with these steps. Go and try them out one by one until you break through. If you have a new solution that we have not covered in this article, do let us know. Share this article if you know a friend who is saying the Threads app not working.

By Vishal Negal

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