Why Is My TikTok Account Locked? [Know How To Recover]

TikTok Account Locked Suspended

Hey guys!! Did you wake up today to find your TikTok account locked? And the worst bit is that you don’t even know “WHY!!!?”

Well, we’re here to explain the same. And maybe provide a solution along those lines.

My TikTok Account Locked – Why?

The primary reason for the same is that TikTok some time ago was found guilty of violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

A settlement soon followed.

TikTok now had to ban video sharing features from all accounts with listed ages less than 13.

And these users will be able to access the age-appropriate interface only. But what followed was literally a blood bath.

Many people who had glitches like not able to fill in the correct year and had to use current-year or few who didn’t care about the date of birth section while signing up or whatnot, had their accounts outright deleted or got their TikTok account locked.

Also, many people who hadn’t verified their age had been asked to submit a copy of their government ID.

But what TikTok failed to understand is that many teens above 13 but below 18 don’t necessarily have government ID’s in the first place.

This is indeed troubling and if your account is deleted, then, there’s little you can do at this point.

Still, we’ll try to help you and others, especially those whose accounts haven’t been deleted yet but have only got their TikTok account locked.

What can I do?

The official Twitter handle of the app suggested to do the following-

Profile -> Privacy and Settings -> Report a Problem -> Account Issue -> Add an Email -> State the problem -> Wait for support to reach out.

But how will you do this when you’ve got your TikTok account locked out in the first place?

We can only ask you to mail them at this point. Beyond this, there is not much that we can do right now.


So, yes, while the intentions behind the step were indeed wise but it turned out to be a disaster.

Hopefully, this can be corrected soon by finding a middle ground and all these Tiktok account locked issues can be resolved.