Why Your TikTok Videos Not Uploading? [Know How To Fix]

TikTok Videos Not Uploading

Hey people! I see you’re wondering as to why your TikTok videos not uploading and now you want to find a solution for the same.

Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place for starters.

Let’s now discuss in-depth both the “why” and “how to solve” with regards to the issue in question.

Why TikTok videos not uploading? [With Solution]

The problem could be twofold and you have to see which one your particular case falls under. Either way, read both of the given options because there may be some overlap.

(1) You uploaded videos with copyright logo/watermark

In case you’ve done so, you may receive a strike from the app developers for not respecting their terms and conditions.

This may also happen when the rightful owner of the video reports you for doing so.

Here, you may receive the following message:-

“Failed to upload. Video has been saved to Drafts.”

And also:-

“You’re temporarily blocked from uploading.”

  • In these cases, to know for how long you have been blocked, go to “Inbox” and then tap on “From TikTok” in the top of your screen.
  • Here, tap on “Account Updates“.
  • You can get the message here explaining the same along with the date from when you can resume uploading videos on TikTok.


Now, you can either wait out till that date arrives.


if you think you have not done the act and have been mistakenly banned then, proceed to click on the message itself.

There, you’ll get an empty box to explain your issue and if the team behind the app are satisfied with your explanation, then they may very well unblock your account early.

(2) TikTok Videos not uploading because of other reasons

Your TikTok Videos not uploading maybe due to several non-copyright reasons. It may result in a never ending “Loading” screen with % not increasing at all.


The solution to these are more general in nature. Some of the more effective ones are listed below:-

  • Restart Internet.
  • Restart the app “TikTok”.
  • Turn on Aeroplane mode. And then turn it off.
  • Go to ‘Phone Settings”-> “Apps”-> “TikTok” and there tap lightly on “Clear cache” and “Clear data”.


In conclusion, we have provided in detail information about both the problems as well as the solutions related to those problems about “Why your TikTok Videos not uploading”.

Since the app is obviously technical in nature, there may be a lot of other issues and hence, this guide is not exactly exhaustive. So, the possibility of any other issues arising is very real.

And if they do, you know where to message and seek help. We are always looking to help.

Until next time, this is goodbye from us here at Fixing Port.

See you all very soon!

By Fixing Port Staff

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  1. I don’t have “Apps” under settings. I have an iPhone and it just lists every app. When I click on TikTok there is nowhere to clear the cache.

    1. I made that mistake too.
      You actually need to go to …settings… safari… clear history and website data

  2. i’ve tried several times to upload a video and it says “this video is under review and cant be shared right now.” please help me!

  3. I’m losing videos during shooting becase i can’t save it to draft or post it .. what can i do and how i return this videos

    1. Same here happening, do you find any solution to this. My videos too show uploading till 61%

  4. I am having trouble posting videos on Tik tok I post it when I post failed to upload and has been saved to drafts. Please halp me 🥺🥺🥺

  5. I am having trubble posting videos on my ticktok account it’s saying that Ive been blocked I’m so confused on why this has happend can anyone help me please

  6. These solutions don’t work.
    Is there anybody who really knows how to solve this?
    My uploads are always stuck at 61%

  7. i finally was able to upload my video after time and time again gettig stuck at 17% restarted everything cleared cache nothing worked until i turned off my wifi and used LTE it uploaded

  8. Pls help me to fix my tiktok..coz still failed uploading and I did everything u said.. But still not working..

  9. plz help me …..i tried everything and i haven’t done anything wrong .when i try uploading the videos it always gets stuck on 17% and says saved to drafts .idk what has happened but its really annoying.

  10. I have same issue – I’m permanently stuck at 61% but bit comforted by hearin it’s hanpnd to lots of us! But how the #uck CAN WE RESOLVE THIS??? Iv written to every poss help site etc on Tictoc for help & even asks other users,bit Nothing Back.. One thing ; does anyone know if u clear all app cache on it & turn fon on & restart Tctcoc like they say do you lost all your alrdy posted videos??!! Iv got loads & this worries me. If anyone can help me,I will do my absolute best to then try to help others.. Aferall they encourage us to be a community, so us ‘stuck folk’ could maybe try bein there for eachother! You hv all already helpd me by even no’in u EXSIST! I found fixing port by accendent! Sheila

  11. Ps Iv alrdy left a comment but i don’t no if it went 😕 If it DID please don’t post this repeat! I too am now stuck at 61% & iv hv treid most thngs & left msgs on Tictocs helpbords etc &evn askd a few users but nothing back 😬 Does anyone no if I restart fon & Tictoc will I lose all my videos alrdy posted?as that scares me. Thank you for this page & if anyone can help me il try to help others back-as there sms to be loads of questions on this page but v little answers, or suggestions of what has worked for folk! I’m so hoping someone replies to this,as you can start to feel invisible! But I’m glad found this page! ☺️

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