Top 5 Open World Games For Android [Best Picks]

Top 5 Open World Games For Android

Well, since you are already here, it means you’re probably looking for the top 5 Open world games for Android. DUH!

In a busy world with tiresome schedules and even hectic weekends (We know, right!!!) playing Android games is a fun activity for everyone. From kids to students to working professionals everyone likes playing games. And considering the time crunch, it’s important to put that time to the best possible use. So, we’re here to help you with that.

The open-world games are fun. You are free to go anywhere in the game. If you are an RPG games lover, there are some games you can play offline that have an open world in them. Here are some best Offline open world RPG games for Android.

List Of Open World games for Android

Here’s the list of the top 5 open-world games for Android.




Mines of Mars


Gangstar Vegas


1. Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

“Gangstar Vegas”, with a rating of 4.5/5 on the Android App store and a mind-boggling 5 million downloads, is surely one to look out for when it comes to open-world games for Android. It is a third-person shooter game but any seasoned campaigner would tell you that it’s much more than that.

Higher size of the game notwithstanding, it’s a perfect dose of cars and craziness. Don’t miss out on “Gangstar Vegas”.


2. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

The second game in our list of “Top 5 Open world games for Android” is “The Dark Knight Rises”. Ah! Do we need to say more? This one is a must-check for all the Batman fans out there, and more, specifically for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy fans, which heavily inspired the game.

There’s action and stealth. And “you” are the caped crusader that Gotham city deserves and needs right now. Though “The Dark Knight Rises” isn’t free-to-play, paying for it is worth it because, after all, you get to play as the billionaire playboy by day, Bruce Wayne, and the brutal vigilante by night, Batman.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2

The Android Open world adventure “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (game) is the official game adaption of the movie of the same name. The game features our favorite web-slinger, doing his swinging, shooting webs, saving people, and having tons of fun.

That’s exactly what you’re in for, in case you’re wondering! After all, who didn’t imagine doing all those amazing things (pun intended) as a kid? And with “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, the dream has suddenly become a reality.

Apart from the “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” villain Electro, you’ll also face tons of awesome villains from Spidey’s world-famous rogue gallery: Venom, Green Goblin, etc to name a few. Also, you don’t need to watch the movie to play the game. So, that’s also a big plus.

4. Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Six Guns Gang Showdown

“Six Guns: Gang Showdown”, a Western-themed Open world game for Android, without which any list wouldn’t really be complete! An unapologetic Open world adventure, this Android game offers hours and hours of free gameplay which never gets boring or tiresome.

The deserts of Arizona will offer lots of mouth-watering action but don’t worry, there won’t be an oasis at the end of the ride (which is on a horse, I REPEAT, ON A HORSE!!!!) known by the name of “Six Guns: Gang Showdown”.

Cowboys were never more relevant or more fun. Just try it once and you’ll probably agree with us, even if you don’t at present!

5. GTA: San Andreas

Top 5 Open World Games For Android

Ah!! The original childhood is must-have! “GTA San Andreas” is an enormous Open world adventure fit for all generations and is relevant even to this date. In “GTA Andreas”, you’ll be asked to play as Carl Johnson (CJ), who’ll go on risky missions, and dates, will jump out of planes for no apparent reason and you’ll probably end up with 4-star police after you, all in a few hours of Sunday mayhem!

This explains the 4.5/5 rating on the Android Play Store and the 1 million+ download. Phew! That’s huge! We strongly recommend that you check out GTA San Andreas but don’t blame us if you get addicted to it. Ha! Because you probably will.

Though you’ll have to buy the game, it’s so worth it, for replaying people and newcomers alike.



Selecting the top 5 Open world games for Android certainly wasn’t an easy task but we’re happy with our picks. But now it’s up to you. And we say this because every person has different tastes, preferences, and expectations, so we recommend trying out the above-mentioned games and then sticking with what suits you the best!

Have a blast playing them!! And don’t forget to keep us in mind while playing.

What are the best open-world games?

The best open-world games are Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid 5, Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Elder Scrolls 3, Grand Theft Auto 5, and many more.

Which is the most downloaded game?

The most downloaded game now is Minecraft. People love to play Minecraft on their PC and smartphones.

What are the best offline open-world games?

The best offline open-world games are GTA SA, Ark, Minecraft, Ravensword, Dark Days, and many more.

What are the top 5 Android games?

The top 5 games are Call of Duty: Mobile, GRID Autosport, Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, and Minecraft.