Truecaller’s New Spam Activity Indicator Feature For Android Users

Truecaller’s New Spam Activity Indicator

Truecaller’s new spam activity indicator lets you know when Spammers are the most active ones.

True caller is a popular smartphone application that lets you see who’s calling you with unknown numbers from different locations and also helps you block unwanted spam calls. In this daily growing busy and working life, calls can be very important at times and we can’t afford to ignore it.

So, it’s quite annoying with multiple spam calls every day. Truecaller is one of the common apps to be found on every smartphone. It resists the calls from telemarketers, identifies thieves, scam artists, unruly customers, or any unwanted call that ruins your concentration and time. Truecaller rolls out the new Spam Activity indicator feature for Android users. This is a useful and smart feature that’s going to give all the detailed statistics about the unsolicited calls. This feature helps the user to protect themselves from scam calls and even fraudulent messages.

Function of Truecaller’s new spam activity indicator

This feature extends the details of the spammer that allows the user to make an informed decision for accepting the call.

This feature comes with three important options: spam reports, call activity, and peak calling hours.

  • Spam reports help the user to identify the marked spam calls and alert them. It lets you acknowledge about the fluctuation of spam calls.
  • Call activity showcases the frequency of spam calls.
  • Peak calling hours helps the user to know about the activity of the spammer.

These statistics appear on the profile of the spammer in the Truecaller app.

After Truecaller’s new spam activity indicator feature; Truecaller says that this update will improve further with more efficient and effective functions. The official blog post of Truecaller says that “by showing spam statistics, you can better judge if the name and the statistics, determine giving the number a chance or not”. Truecaller’s new spam activity indicator feature is live but not on all the devices.