WhatsApp Enters Film-Making Business, Will Premiere 1st Original

WhatsApp Enters Film-Making Business

WhatsApp Enters Film-making business! The title must have made you curious to open the link and read what this buzz is all about. Yes, it is correct what you are reading in the title. WhatsApp has become the first chat app to make its grand entry into the entertainment world. Absolutely, it is a unique and unheard-of move made so far by any social messaging app. But, yes, it is happening now.

What will we get to see when WhatsApp enters film-making business?

The short film WhatsApp is putting its feet on while WhatsApp enters film-making business is “Naija Odyssey.” The Meta-owned instant messaging service debuted “Naija Odyssey,” its first original short film, this past week.

This 12-minute short film is the story of Giannis Antetokounmpo, an NBA player born in Athens, Greece, to Nigerian parents. The first ever premiere of this film is decided to take place on September 21. The platforms that are helping WhatsApp in the big premiere are Amazon Prime and Youtube.

In contrast to tech giant Apple’s original content, Antetokounmpo recently signed an endorsement deal with WhatsApp, another first for the app. “Naija Odyssey” appears to be a plan to promote the brand.

What company has to say as WhatsApp enters film-making business?

According to a statement from Vivian Odior, the company’s global head of marketing for WhatsApp, “Naija Odyssey is a story that underscores how WhatsApp lets us appreciate our complex lives. It explains our relationships, identity, and even adversity. Continuing further, she also mentioned that WhatsApp lets you embrace yourself as it connects you with your loved ones.

Though Naija Odyssey has made it very clear that it is a mere reminder of how a platform builds connections among users from various geographical regions, many are still saying that the main ambition of WhatsApp is to generate money so that it can capitalize on Antetokounmpo’s fame.

Antetokounmpo and his mother have narrated “Naija Odyssey” and depicted many events in his personal life. The story is based on a very prominent Greek epic literature called “The Odyssey.”

Let’s see what new we get to watch once WhatsApp Enters film-making business.

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