Why Is It Called GoDaddy? – Here’s Everything We Know

Why Is It Called GoDaddy

What makes a business successful on the internet? What makes it recognizable among thousands of websites? The answer is its domain name. For that purpose, GoDaddy is the platform you will first think of. It became one of the world’s biggest registrar companies to offer domain names at a reasonable price. But have you ever wonder why is it called GoDaddy?

Bob Parsons is the one behind this trusted platform. He founded it in 1997 with a different name that later got changed. In its early days, the company faced criticism for an advertisement. Yet the company is one of the giants who have the maximum number of female employees.

Why Is GoDaddy Called GoDaddy?

For Parsons GoDaddy wasn’t his first choice. Initially, it was established as “Jomax Technologie” which was renamed in 1999. One of the employees in a brainstorming session suggest ‘big Daddy’ however, the domain name was unavailable.

Rhyming the suggested name Parson asked the employees if they could go for “GoDaddy.” The group of employees approved the name realizing that the pronunciation sounds cool and unforgettable. They looked for the domain name on the internet and registered the domain name as ‘Godaddy.com’.

GoDaddy In 2001

What Exactly GoDaddy Serves?

You must have heard and even search for a website. What is it? A website is an online place where the web owner posts/uploads content. A website needs a name or in technical terms a domain name.

A domain name is an online address just as you have of your house/apartment. It leads the user to your website via an address and it is as crucial as your address on your identity proof.

GoDaddy exactly provides you that domain name available on the internet. It helps you create your online presence among other websites. What’s more, it offers various styles of a domain name, so you can buy any of them.

An advantage of a domain name is that you can sell and exchange the domain name. There have been instances when a domain name is sold for millions whereas some sold at a minimal rate. Business.com,LasVegas.com, Twitter.com are some examples.

How Does A Domain Look Like?

A domain is sliced into three parts. Let’s take the example ‘www.GoDaddy.com’.

  • Here, ‘www’ provides access to the World Wide Web.
  • ‘.com’ is known as TDL (Top Level Domain). It shares details about the location and the purpose of a website. Since ‘.com’ is used for commercial purposes while ‘.in’ stands for India represents the location.
  • ‘GoDaddy’ is the domain name and also known as SLD (second-level domain). SLD is the most pivotal part of a website. The success rate of a company or website relies on it.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

No doubt, choosing a domain is a complex and critical part of any business. A domain reflects upon the purpose and usability of its users. Nevertheless, with the internet and registrar companies like GoDaddy; the process has become less complicated.

One must consider these key points while going for a domain name:

  • The shorter the better
  • Easy to learn and remember
  • Escape number, hyphens, and symbols
  • Avoid experimenting with complicated words
  • Research thoroughly and prefer keywords
  • An extension can make a vital difference, choose wisely
  • Register when it is done


GoDaddy assists its users to find an accessible and affordable domain name. It has now created its presence in almost 70 countries. Present CEO Blake Irwin realized that the company has gone way beyond what it was thought before. The success rate and customer values are the reasons why is it called GoDaddy. If you love our series of how brands got their names, please tell us in the comment section.