Why Is Twitter Called Twitter? [Complete Information]

Why Is Twitter Called Twitter

According to Dorsey, a name was extremely important as the code works best when it is decided. Technically, it would be a mess if the name decided after the coding is done. Therefore, the founders gave utmost time to the brand name. Hence, the story of why is Twitter called Twitter is a billion-dollar story that you might be interested in.

Before news appears in traditional media, it is tweeted on Twitter at first. Whatever is tweeted political, economic, entertainment, or anything is supposed to be authenticated. It is one of the widely popular and expressive manners in the era of the internet.

In your day-to-day life, you must have heard or seen tweets rolling out telling stories, sharing information, or campaigning. Everything you get via Twitter had facts and theories involved in just 280 characters.

Nevertheless, the origin of Twitter had nothing to do with what it is today. It was never the intention of the founders but what happened next made a huge difference in the social arena of the internet.

Why Is It Called Twitter?

Twitter took birth in March 2006 after four expert brains Jack Dorsey (CEO of Square), Noah Glass, Evan Williams (co-founder of Medium), and Biz Stone (co-founder of Jelly) collaborate.

Dorsey held a brainstorming session at a podcast company ‘Odeo’. They were looking for something that can describe the activity they were planning to introduce in the real-time world.

Since Dorsey was always fascinated by how cities stay in touch in real-time. Thereby, the intention was to develop a platform providing individual short message service (SMS) for small groups. What came as a result was earlier called ‘Status’ that was later replaced with ‘Twttr’ (inspired by Flickr- five-character short name).

The domain name was not purchased; and they kept looking for it for a month or so. Meanwhile all this, two words- ‘jitter’, and ‘twitch’ crossed the founder’s brain, and then they looked for them in the Oxford English dictionary.

It’s when ‘Twitter’ with the definition “a short inconsequential burst of information, chirps from birds” appeared and Twitter becomes their final choice. They were delighted to see the definition because it was what they were really going to introduce. They looked for the domain name and found that it was already taken but remained unused to date. Without losing much time, they brought it at a minuscule price and became the first to use ‘twiter.com’.

What Is Twitter?

Well, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging platform where a short message is posted about something. Gradually, it became a platform for the official announcement made either by government officials or by the other commercial companies.

A trend is also followed every day with a hashtag. The purpose of real-time communication is greatly fulfilling via thread and real-time updates. Users tweet, re-tweet, and share the information with their followers in 280 characters.

Why Is Twitter Logo A Bird?

It is surprising for many and an interesting fact that the bird has a name – “Larry Bird.” If you can connect it to the basketball player then your assumption is totally valid. That’s what it is. Biz Stone (the co-founder) belongs to Boston which is famous for Boston Celtics and Larry Bird. Biz Stone was a big fan of Larry Bird and he purchased the bird logo at $15. However, the design has tweaked many times and what has now looked is the ultimate representation of freedom, hope, and limitless possibility, said Doug Bowman (Former creative director).

There have been times when tweets break their records making them a huge success in the internet market. One of them is when a Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa tweeted to offer one million yen each to hundred randomly selected people rewetting the same message. This tweet got 4.4 million re-tweets in the year 2019.


Do you tweet or re-tweet your favorite tweets? Let us know in the comment box. Hope you enjoyed reading “why is Twitter called Twitter”. If you are curious to know how big brands like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple got their name then you can hop onto the page how brands got their names.