Why Snapchat Locked My Account? – Here’s Everything We Know

Why Snapchat Locked My Account

Watch out! If your Snapchat ever did get blocked the same way mine did, the chances are high that you have not been on your best behaviour on the popular platform. So, let me explain why Snapchat locked my account and (probably yours too) – things which Snapchat counts as improper from now on.

Why Snapchat Locked My Account?

Snapchat is keeping a close watch on the activity and the content you share. Snapchat intends to keep it fun and safe for its users. Detecting activities of any sort which are prohibited might cause temporary or permanent inaccessibility to the accounts.

Why Does Snapchat Keep Locking My Account?

The reasons why Snapchat keeps locking an account are: Using unwelcome means to access Snapchat features, sending unsought messages/snaps, abusive behaviour, etc.

Unwelcome Means to Access Snapchat features

The most probable cause is that you might not be using Third-party applications and plugins authorized by Snapchat. Through Snap Kit; you are totally allowed to use the authorized third-party applications; created by trusted developers.

So if you were using unauthorized third-party applications like me, you were literally going against Snapchat’s Terms of Service.

Just uninstall the third-party application or plugins if you use them; and wait for twenty-four hours before unlocking your account. Also, know that this step is essential as these applications can be a threat to your privacy and that of your friends too.

Unsought Messages/Snaps

When I say unsought messages or snaps, it counts spam too. Unnecessary and unwelcome messages and snaps circulated to recipients repeatedly might have caused the locking of your account. Try logging into your account again after twenty-four hours and seek the help of the support team, if necessary.

Abusive Behaviour

Snapchat has also initiated this action against those who exhibit abusive behaviour. Community guidelines must adhere while dealing with sensitive content and issues like; sexually explicit content, illegal content, and terrorism.

Your Account Might Be Compromised

Reach out (at the earliest) to the Snapchat Support Team; if you received an intimation that your account is compromised. Due to some external threat, Snapchat has locked the account for your safety. This is a protective lock to safeguard your personal information and contents. But you can definitely regain access with the Support Team’s help.

Email/Phone number Not Yet Verified?

Simply verify your account with a verification mail or message. It’s as simple as that! This would ensure the improved safety of your account and personal information.


Snapchat intends to keep the platform fun and safe for its users. This change was sudden and yet necessary. Here, I just listed all the possible reasons as to why Snapchat locked my account and several other accounts. Reach out for help quickly, if necessary, or else just examine your activities.

If you think we missed something out, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Alternatively, you can connect with us through our social media handles. On that note, stay tuned to Fixing Port, your one-stop destination for all the latest news and tech updates.

Why did Snapchat lock my account?

It happens when you use a third-party application or plugin to access Snapchat.

Can Snapchat ban you for spamming?

Yes, Snapchat will ban you if you keep spamming on it.

Does Snapchat delete old accounts?

Yes, Snapchat deletes an account that is inactive for a long period of time.

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