Windows 11 Entertainment Widget: What’s New? How To Use It?

Windows 11 Entertainment Widget

It’s been a while since Windows 11 has been launched, now it has a new Windows 11 Entertainment Widget. And it is the ultimate thing that you’d want from Windows 11. The ‘News and Interests’ feature of Windows 10 has now been transformed and shaped into the Entertainment Widget.

How To Access The Windows 11 Entertainment Widget?

Like all other widgets, the Windows 11 Entertainment Widget is located in the Widgets panel. You need to manually add it though. And to do this, follow these steps.

  • Open the Widgets panel either from the Taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut (Windows + W).
  • Now, scroll down and locate the Add Widgets button.
Click On Add Widgets
  • After that, click on the ‘+‘ icon on the Entertainment Widget to add it.
Click On The Entertainment Widget
  • From now on you can see the Entertainment Widget on the Widgets panel.

Using these simple steps, you can add the widget to the Widgets panel manually.

How Does It Work?

Microsoft has upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 11, and all the features including the widgets have improved. Some new features have also been included. With this Entertainment Widget, you can easily rent or purchase movies from the Microsoft Movies store. This feature kind of imitates Google Play Movies.

You not only get to watch the latest and trending movies available but also get to navigate between recommendations. If you like a movie, open it, there you’ll see where you can rent or purchase it.

While the job of the widget is quite basic, we can expect to get more from it as it is only at the initial stage.

Potential Of This Widget

Currently, this widget is in its initial stage. And for now, all it does is recommend the latest and trending movies available on the platform. You can also buy or rent those movies. That’s all it is offering right now. Though this widget can certainly get improved; Microsoft might add some more features to the list. Some of the potential features that could be included in the list are being mentioned below.

  • Track the history of recently watched movies or TV shows, which lets you continue watching it just from where you had left it last time. We get this facility on Android TVs and it is really helpful for the users. Though it’s just a comparison it’d definitely be added.
  • Making this platform compatible with third-party streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Videos, or others.
  • Display a few basic information like the casting and ratings about the recommended movies or shows.

Again, these are just speculations of what other features, it might offer in the near future.

Final Words

That’s all about the Windows 11 Entertainment Widget as of now. We can expect to get more from it, and that’s totally in the hands of Microsoft.