Windows 11 – All New Features, Release Date, And More

Windows 11

The renowned operating system Windows is going to launch its latest update, Windows 11. It has been allegedly reported that this new version of Windows is designed to come with a lot of potential features. This latest update is most likely to be enriched with some breathing features and upgrades.

Things to know about Windows 11

It seems like Microsoft has given a specific name to Windows 11 update. They have named it Windows 10 Sun Valley (21H2). There are rumors that this name has been used as a hint that is pointing towards the big updates in the Windows 11 version. From the event announcement tweet, we get to know that the Redmond Giant chose not to add any horizontal line in the logo for shadows.

Overview of the Timeline of the Launch of Windows 11

Let’s get an overview of the launch program of Windows latest version.

Announcement of the launch date: This latest version of Windows is most likely to be launched by October, this year. But the specific date is still unconfirmed.

Insider preview release: Though there is a rumor that Microsoft will release an insider preview release. The insiders in the Dev Channel will be the first ones to get the chance to access the updated version.

Stable update release: Microsoft is most likely to release the update of Windows for everyone in October.

New features to get in the Windows 11 update

Here are some top most features that users will get in the latest version of Windows.

Android Apps on windows

The updated OS will support Android apps through the Microsoft Store. And the credit goes to the partnership of Microsoft with Amazon.

Android Apps On Windows 11

Another exciting news about this update is, this feature is powered by Intel. And now, Intel Bridge technology will allow you to access the Android Apps from the Start menu and taskbar directly. This means the users are now done relying on the Android emulators to use the Android apps on Windows PCs.

Redesigned settings App

It is being said that Microsoft has been redesigning the Settings app to be used on Windows 11. ‘It might have a cleaner look’ – an Italian tech blog has shared. Though this statement has been taken down, many of the tech-savvy have (sucked) this information and therefore waiting to see the final look. But in order to get the wish fulfilled, everyone needs to wait till the launch of the update.

UI revamp with rounded corners

The company is expected to add rounded corners for the UI components all across the OS. This is actually a part of Microsoft’s visual rejuvenation of the Windows version.

Rounded Corners UI

Floating start menu

Microsoft has added a floating Start menu to the list of this current update. This will be somewhat similar to Windows 10. You can even change the position of the Start menu.

On Windows 11, you’ll get the taskbar as centered, because it will be set on default. But if you wish to make changes, or if you want the Start menu to stay at the left corner itself, just like the basic versions, you can do that too. In that case, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar alignment > choose ‘left’ (if you want it to be at the left corner).

Improved widgets section

The Windows 11 update will be coming with improved widgets, task view, and Windows search tools. At first, you will get the same widget features for news and interests, which are already existing in the Windows 10 version. But it will definitely be more interesting to have a dedicated section just for the widgets. And the developers are probably gonna come up with more widgets for Windows 11 update.

New wallpapers and Startup sound

Microsoft has added few new wallpapers in Windows 11 update.

There’s a new startup sound that also got added to the list. The latest startup sound is most likely to be inspired by the Windows 10X build.

New Action center

Microsoft has improved and redesigned the Action center that has resulted in improved design and functionality.

New Action Center

You don’t have to visit the settings page to find out WiFi or Bluetooth or any other options. Rather, all you have to do is to expand the menus of the Action center and there you have it. This is a really commendable feature and huge too.

The Notification settings

The updated version of Windows will consist of a separate section for the notifications. This section is likely to be above the Quick settings panel. There will also be a Clear all option available, which will help to dismiss the pending notifications. Microsoft might add a dashboard to keep track of all the Microsoft accounts of the user and also the upcoming events.

Redesigned Microsoft store

Microsoft has even redesigned the Microsoft Store. In the updated version, the Microsoft Store might be showcasing a modern interface that will be easier to use.

According to the latest report, the store will now allow to add and host new apps by the developers. And it is also claimed that the developers may use third-party platforms for the apps. For the developers, this is exciting news for sure.

Price of Windows 11 version

There has been a question aroused by the Windows users. Are the users be allowed to upgrade to Windows 11 version for free or will there be any cost?

According to the experiences from the previous upgrades, it can be said that this upgrade will allow the users to access it without any cost. In fact, the XDA developers have also revealed that the users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 will be able to use the Windows 11 upgrade for free.

Basically, the Redmond Giant chose to do a Windows-as-a-service delivery method, which will reach more users and will make it comparatively simple to deploy the most recent upgrades to the users. This method has previously offered to the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to have a free upgrade of Windows 10. And the result was quite overwhelming which helped Microsoft to gain over 1 billion users of Windows 10 worldwide.


Windows 11 is surely a new sizzling topic among Windows users and there have been multiple discussions all over the internet regarding this update. Many people have high expectations and assumptions about it. But we have no other option except to wait for the official release of this new windows OS update by Microsoft.

Will I get Windows 11 for free?

Windows 11 update will be free for the users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Do Windows 10 users get Windows 11?

Yes, Windows 10 users will get the update of Windows 11.

Has Windows 11 been released?

Windows 11 update will be released soon.