YouTube Ads Are Going Out Of Control [Clickbait Or Scams]

YouTube Ads Are Going Out Of Control

Youtube is a colossal platform for ad revenues, as it is one of the most preferred social media platforms. The company released the Youtube Ad Revenues for the first time in the starting of the year, and it was unexpected. Youtube made a nig $15.1 billion through ad revenue during the FY 2019-2020.

YouTube Ads Has Lost Track

But lately, it seems Youtube has lost track of the advertisements that are shown on the channel. Many people have even pointed out on Reddit, that Youtube India is showing some tasteless and weird ads. Most of these ads are just straight clickbait. As we scrolled through the page, constantly refreshing the Youtube app, we are getting ads that have no connection to us.

For example, one of the ads was about earning diamonds for a game called FreeFire. Another ad, which sounded fake was for the booking of Jio Phone 3, the thumbnail of which showed some other android phone photoshopped on it.

Based on a thread on Reddit, people are very annoyed with these ads that are not even good to look at. And some of these are just too out of place, with no connection at all. Some of these ads are also reported to be scams. And not even some specific group, most people are reporting and are getting irritated with these.

When you try to use “Why this Ad” feature in Youtube, to try and figure why Youtube is showing this ad, it says that these ads are non-personalized apps as the feature has been turned off. So these ads are just based on the time and location of the user. That makes sense, but when we checked, we hadn’t turned off the personalized apps option on Youtube. In fact, when we check on the google account, personalized ad feature is enabled. There must be something wrong with Youtube’s algorithm or it won’t suggest us to “click and get $10 million” ads.

We hope Youtube fixes this because it is getting annoying day by day to see such irrelevant ads.