Zynn – A TikTok Replica; Taken Down From The Playstore

Zynn - A TikTok Replica

An app similar to TikTok, named Zynn has been taken down from Playstore. This news comes after it was allegedly reported that quite a number of videos on the app are the same as that on Tiktok and other apps as well. Some Tiktok account users also allege that their accounts have been replicated completely on Zynn, which came as a shock.

Why Zynn removed from play store?

A Zynn representative admitted to the fact that some of the content was indeed streaming on the platform as it is. They also claimed to have been working to fix the glitch. Even after the app has been removed from the Play Store, another app by the exact name seems to exist, with identical descriptions and logo but a different publisher.

Zynn, one of the most downloaded apps, was available both on Android and iOS. The increase in the popularity of the app can be due to its incentive system of paying the users to watch videos and also get other users. The app specifies on its home page that each user will earn $1 for signing up with the app. They will also be rewarded $20 for every first person they bring and another $10 for every five people joining after that.

It comes as a no surprise that the users of the app Zynn haven’t been able to collect the cash payments and have therefore complained regarding the same on social media platforms. A media not for profit platform, named as Common Sense Media, confirmed the users claim that the cash payment option is not working.

Zynn being removed from Playstore comes down to a question, how trustworthy are these random apps? Are they worth every effort the users put in?

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