Airbnb Hires Former Apple Designer Jonathan Ive: Everything We Know

Airbnb Hires Former Apple Designer

The home rental company Airbnb revealed on Wednesday that Airbnb hires former Apple designer Jonathan Ive aka JonyIve’s firm LoveFrom for a multi-year partnership. Ive is supposed to design new Airbnb products and will even help develop the Airbnb internal design team. Meanwhile, Airbnb’s Chief Design Officer, Alex Schleifer would be moving to a part-time role.

Background – The Back Story In A Few Words

JonyIve was a close creative collaborator with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Ive spent about 30 years working at Apple. It was he who helped revive Apple in the 1990s. He was the lead figure behind the design of the candy-colored iMacs and also that of the iPhone. However, he quit Apple last year.

The Chief Executive of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, announced the new partnership with Ive in a blog post and added that Ive will also help develop the internal design team. Chesky reportedly said, “Jony and I have been good friends for many years, and he has been gracious enough to provide me with guidance and advice.

We share the same belief in the value and importance of creativity and design. We each believe not only in making objects and interfaces but in crafting services and experiences. We’ve seen how design can facilitate trust and enable more human connection, something people are desperate for during an unprecedented time of loneliness and disconnection.”

As some sources claim, Airbnb’s deal with Ive and his firm coincides with the company’s effort to raise a sum of about $3 billion (which amounts to about Rs. 22100 crores in Indian currency), in its upcoming initial public offering.

It is speculated that Airbnb will emerge as one of the largest and most anticipated US stock market listings of 2020. The partnership with Ive might also prove to be very valuable to Airbnb in the long run and will eventually help the company to scale the peak of success.

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